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A short guide to the landowner in LotRO

An option usually sought after by MMO players is present in The Lord of the Rings Online: it is the ability to own a house of your own, in other words the "housing". Rules and limits related to this possession exist, because even if our childish hearts would appreciate being able to use and abuse this house like junk Barbies and Kens, we must still remember that over there, in the distance, somewhere, Sauron is watching us! So we will see below under what conditions we can become landowners in LotRO:

  • The residences
  • The costs
  • The plans
  • The decorations

I first asked myself the question: a house of your own, yes, but what is it for? I'm not going to spend my already limited playing time playing around with sewing curtains, storage units, sweeping tiles or a scrub tub ...

Or, if?

Not !!!



Buying a house, for me, is above all being able to enjoy these two advantages:

  • one (or two) chest(s) common of 30 slots for all characters in my account on the same server;
  • a fixed TP extra for all characters in my account on the same server.

Frankly, a common storage space is priceless in a persistent world where much of our time revolves around objects that we collect, exchange and resell. The myth of the full bag is objects that pile up constantly so quickly in our bags that we find ourselves having to leave them on the side of the road. The full bag is not a myth! At all !

And here we are again, thinking about our house ^^

In Lord of the Rings Online, there are four residences (quarters) in which we can settle: that of the Men, that of the Elves, that of the Hobbits, and even that of the Dwarves, all installed near the start zones of each of the mentioned races. The choice is then on (extract from the official site) ...

  • Four residences whose style changes depending on the breed (living areas containing several different houses). Each residence has an architectural style and a distinct environment.
  • Up to 250 instanced neighborhoods for each residence, so that you can settle near your friends.
  • Thirty different houses per district : 4 brotherhood houses, 20 luxury personal houses, and 16 basic personal houses.
  • More than 250 decorations to mix, including murals and for floors, rugs, shelves, doormats, paintings, and even sound backgrounds!

So you could very well be the original elf who lives among the hobbits (there is even a not far from B-)), or the dwarf among the men (what a waste of the landscape), or the hobbit blacksmith who decides to reside near the Halls of Thorin to have easy access to its superb forges ... The choice is yours, you are free, that's it.


The residences

Four neighborhoods in the colors and styles of the game's four playable races are available to establish your household. Here they are :

Residences in the Pays de Bree

Official site: "In a small valley south-east of Bree, the race of Men has created a colony of houses and shops. A waterfall falls into a basin, from which a stream begins, which runs through the center of the district where a few merchants have opened stalls. " (See the map of the residence).

Falathlorn Residences

Official site: "The Elves built a village in Falathorn, on the banks of the Moon River, which rises along the sheer cliffs. From Duillond, across the river, there is a spectacular view of the Twin Peaks in the Blue Mountains. " (See the map of the residence).

County Residences

Official site: "Ah, the Shire! Bucolic hills, windmills, and freshly plowed fields as far as the eye can see. Find your own Hobbit hole, put a chair on your porch, and smoke a good pipe at sunset. Don't worry, big folks, you are welcome too ... just watch your head as you walk through the door! " (See the map of the residence).

Residences of Thorin Palace

Official site: "You can be happy underground in the residences of Thorin's Palace. Tall caverns, natural stone bridges, stalactites and stalagmites, and houses built on stone columns surrounded by rumbling underground rivers. " (See the map of the residence).


The costs

It is a shame to create yourself or to have an object created and then to see on the spot that it is not possible to use it to decorate your home. Here is some detailed information that will help you in your choices and arrangements.

There are three different types of house in each racial neighborhood:

  • The standard house : a small house with 2 rooms, there are usually 16 in the neighborhood. Their cost is around 1 PO (ppiece ofor) upon purchase, plus approximately 50 PA (ppiece ofargent) of fees each week (yeah we get screwed, it's actually a rental ...). There is 1 chest (supplement) and item slots: 19 inside, 5 outside.
  • The luxury house : a large 3-room house, around 10 in the neighborhood, at a cost of 7 PO approximately upon purchase and a weekly fee of 150 PA. For this price, we are entitled to 2 chests, 45 indoor locations and 7 outdoors.
  • The Brotherhood House : a house available for the heads of the brotherhoods (guilds). Generally 4 in number per district, their purchase cost amounts to 14-17 PO and requires maintenance costs (say) of 300 PA per week. These houses can have 3 chests, 71 interior and 10 exterior decoration slots (but you must have brotherhood rank "7" to have them).

Expenses are paid in advance by a menu option (2 new buttons appear on the mini map). If you ever forget to pay for your house, it will disappear and your items will be deposited while you collect them. There is no refund ^^


The plans

  • Standard houses (in order, Men, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves)

  • Luxury homes (same order)

  • Brotherhood houses (same order)

The decorations (locations).

Standard houses


Luxury homes

You can still find other detailed elements in English:

  • Taxidermy objects
  • A catalog of decorations

This completes this little landowner guide in LotRO, thank you for stopping by and wish you a ...

...good game !

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