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With this 4.0 update, crew skills have undergone a number of changes.

Among these, a new manufacturing process: Assembly components. Now, for most crafting, it will first be necessary to craft Assembly Components, available in 8 ranks, each corresponding to the 8 new crew skill ranks.

To craft them, nothing could be simpler, just gather materials of the required rank.

For example, to craft a Farium Mounting Component (Rank 8), useful for Crafting Armor in particular, I need:

  • Farium x2 (Tier 8 metal)
  • Molytex x2 (Tier 8 compound)
  • Vanadium Flux x2

Then you just have to store them in number to be able to craft the objects you want.

This is especially valid for the new plans available with the release of KotFE and for the kits and upgrades. Most of the old ones will continue to function the same as before.

  • armor
  • Arms
  • Artifice
  • Biochemistry
  • Cybernetics
  • Synthweaving

Rank 1: Constructing Desh Armor Component

Rank 2: Bronzium Armor Assembly Component

Rank 3: Phobium Armor Assembly Component

Rank 4: Bondite armor assembly component

Rank 5: Electrum Armor Assembly Component

Rank 6: Dursteel Armor Assembly Component

Rank 7: Mythra armor assembly component

Rank 8: Farium Armor Assembly Component

Rank 1: Desh Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 2: Bronzium Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 3: Phobium Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 4: Bondite Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 5: Electrum Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 6: Dursteel Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 7: Mythra Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 8: Farium Weapon Assembly Component

Rank 1: Rubat's Fireworks Bound Accessory

Rank 2: Nextor Fireworks Bound Accessory

Rank 3: Opila Fireworks Bound Accessory

Rank 4: Firkrann's Bound Firework Accessory

Rank 5: Damind's Bound Firework Accessory

Rank 6: Upari Fireworks Bound Accessory

Rank 7: Bound Accessory of Carbonic Fireworks

Rank 8: Ruusan Fireworks Bound Accessory

Thanks G Man from the Aegis Guild for the screenshots?

Rank 1: Dielectric cell graft

Rank 2: Symbiotic cell graft

Rank 3: Bioenergetic cell graft

Rank 4: Alien cell graft

Rank 5: Parasitic cell graft

Rank 6: Mutagenic cell graft

Rank 7: Metabolic cell graft

Rank 8: Analgesic cell graft

Rank 1: Cybernetic Assembly Component in Desh

Rank 2: Bronzium Cybernetic Assembly Component

Rank 3: Cybernetic Phobium Assembly Component

Rank 4: Cybernetic Bondite Assembly Component

Rank 5: Cybernetic Electrum Assembly Component

Rank 6: Dursteel Cybernetic Construct Component

Rank 7: Cybernetic Mythra Assembly Component

Rank 8: Cybernetic Farium Assembly Component

Rank 1: Synthetic bound accessory of Rubat

Rank 2: Synthetic bonded accessory from Nextor

Rank 3: Opila Synthetic Bound Accessory

Rank 4: Firkrann Synthetic Bound Accessory

Rank 5: Synthetic Bound Accessory of Damind

Rank 6: Upari Synthetic Bound Accessory

Rank 7: Carbonic synthetic bonded accessory

Rank 8: Ruusan Synthetic Bound Accessory

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