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She looked very nice this little island of Tyl Ruinen lost in the middle of Evendim Lake. A heavenly setting, the song of robins in the ears, a light breeze ... But no. Not content with having to patrol an islet full of aggressive and delicate salamanders to manage solo (watch out for aggros in the ruins of Tollobel), the quest for mister Humbert Farfouille turns out to be a real obstacle course. Avoid the salamander here, avoid the Friselonde there, flee when two or three island salamanders join in the feast they plan to make of me and find THE ONE AND ONLY chest that opens with Mr. Farfouille's key on pain of having to go without stop to go back and forth among the salamanders ... and the cemetery. In short, it's not easy. Here is the path and the answers to the riddles of the series of three quests proposed by Humbert Farfouille on the island of Tyl Ruinen.


Fortunately, as we sometimes find in the universe of The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth, there is a puzzle that helps us find the right chest. Not very difficult this time, but not very precise either, so to avoid a lot of unnecessary back and forth, here is the answer of the first step:

The bat's chest (S 12.8, O 72.1)

This chest is located in the south of the island, in a small cove guarded by many sal ... salamanders. A tip? Arriving from the south, by water, makes it possible to avoid as much as possible and to preserve a deserved retirement ^^

This being done, our dear friend Farfouille, always so odious, offers us a second riddle, because it would be too easy for him to give us what we came looking for the first time, wouldn't it? Second step, therefore, which logically begins with a second riddle.

  • Farfouille's determination:
    Ignoble predator with deadly sharp claws; With a black dress and a mouth with sharp fangs; Haunting the woods in packs, it stalks its solitary prey; And torments her to exhaustion before throwing her to the ground.

This time the answer is:

The Ouargue chest (S 12.4, W 72.0)

This one can be severely boring to find, so to simplify matters, from where Humbert Farfouille is located, go around the hill from the south halfway up and you will necessarily fall on it at the point indicated.

But once again Mr. Farfouille enhances us with his legendary gratitude by once again offering us to travel the island in search of a last chest whose name will be revealed to us by the following riddle.

  • Farfouille's last riddle:
    Offspring unworthy of the great Ancalagon; Despite its dragon mouth and claws; Scatha would surely start to cry; If he saw his children so belittled.

An enigma that could lead us to a big mistake, since when reading it we definitely think of a dragon, isn't it? Ancalagon was probably the "greatest" of the dragons, and Scatha one of the first ^^ But as these worms might remind us, it will be more a question this time of finding not one of those who fly, but one of those who crawl. The solution, therefore:

The Worm's Chest (S 12.0, W 71.0)

From the quest giver, head due east towards a small islet near the shore. Be careful, this chest is guarded by two particularly belligerent salamanders. Get out of the fire ^^

All this to bring the illustrious Humbert Farfouille to reveal his terrible secret to us, a secret that, of course, I will not reveal myself on this page but that I let you discover for yourself by carrying out each step of this questline.

Because, you see ... I still wouldn't have to do all the work for you, would I? Where would the pleasure be without it ...

Lol !

Come on, good game and good quests ^^


PS: Wouldn't there be someone to give me a little help? The last step in the series is a level 39 community quest and I ... Oops, I say too much ^^

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