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The servers have just upgraded to 4.0. Let's take a look at what Maxis has to offer in this patch note.

  • New: SimCity Launch Park, an exclusive new park for our longtime fans, who have been playing SimCity from the start.

    New: Region: Bordeleau Bay, seven towns grouped around a magnificent bay and a major construction site.

    New:Your current server will now be listed in the options menu.

    New: More detailed information when you hover the cursor over buildings. In particular, you can see if your Sims received happiness after visiting a park or a store. Previously, this information was general.

    Function reactivated: The global market now fluctuates dynamically.

    Function reactivated: Rankings will be active on Western Europe 3, Pacific 1, and Pacific 2 servers upon release. We will activate them on other servers in the process.

    Function reactivated: Region filters are now active on all SimCity servers. Players will be able to search for games by map name, sandbox mode, and abandoned cities.

    Rain clouds: In some cities there were no clouds to renew the water table. The problem was resolved. If you had this problem, you will see clouds again in a game day.

    Fire: The reaction time of fire trucks has been improved. The time it takes for an alert to reach a fire station has been shortened.

    Update missions: The missions of the Metal headquarters and the university center have been corrected. They appeared too soon, and it was difficult to finish them. They now appear later in the city's development.

    Solar power plant site: Reduced risk of fire at the solar power plant site. Local fire trucks were spending too much time at the solar power plant.

    mail: Messages regarding the unlocking of the upgraded Commercial Port, Casinos, Smelter and Oil Refinery. The conditions for unlocking these buildings should be clearer.

    Graphics: Low wealth buildings flickered with NVIDIA graphics cards. The problem was resolved.

    Education: Suburban students from some cities did not return from their visits to a nearby city. The problem was resolved.

    Adjustment: Sims lose a small amount of happiness if they have nowhere to shop. In cities without shops, Sims dissatisfaction is felt. This underlines the importance of shopping areas.

You can find the updates that have already been posted (including 3.1) on the SimCity Assistance site.

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