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When you build your reputation with the Plowmen, in the Valley of the 4 Winds, you have 3 quests that can be purchased from Gina Peatclaw, in the village of Micolline, which allow you to equip the farm. With each quest we get new equipment to make the farm easy! Phase concerns will prevent you from immediately admiring the addition: remember to leave your farm and then come back to reset the phase.


"Princess jinyu" irrigation system

Once the first enlargement lesson has been completed (reputation honored), Gina sells this first-rate irrigation system. This installs cisterns at the end of your field (opposite the tools) and allows all the plantations to be watered with a single click, much faster than the watering can (especially since there is no longer any pick it up / delete or store it). Although the animation is not very clear (it feels a bit like the water is blowing away), no need for additional pipes, it works great!

When you collect bundles 9 to 12, a second independent tank appears (seen behind above). Practice with the 16 plants: in two clicks, everything is watered!


"Thunder King" insect repellent

When your reputation changes to Revered with the Plowmen, you gain access to Lesson 8, increasing from 12 to 8 slots. Gina now agrees to sell you an ultra-powerful insect repellent placed in the middle of the field, which treats 8 plantations against insects in one click. The insect repellent is placed automatically in the two sets of XNUMX (so you have two sprays).


Master plow "Earth scarer"

Finally, when you pass elated, after the third lesson, Gina sells a plow. This beautiful tool plows in a straight line for 4 seconds, enough to make 4 shots if you arrive from a straight line!

It's really cute with my goblin, she waddles right and left, her quilts oscillating in rhythm.


With all of this great equipment, you find yourself ready to take on your role as a daily farmer. What to save precious seconds very appreciable when you have 16 plans to harvest / plow / sow every day.

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