SWTOR - GS: List of medals

In The Old Republic, the best players in a PvP game are awarded medals. Although Galactic Starfighter is a special mode, it obeys these same rules. Several objectives are thus rewarded with medals, divided into several categories. Be careful, however, they do not affect the number of requisitions won at the end of the game. In addition, they are distributed by ship: it is possible to obtain the same medal several times if you change hunter, but they will not accumulate to become a superior medal.

Here is the list of medals, classified by category.


 Kills (last blow given):

  • assassin: 1 killed solo
  • quick draw: 2 kills
  • have: 5 killed
  • devastation: 8 killed


Assist (hit an enemy ship):

  • support : 4 assist
  • fighter: 8 assist
  • winger: 12 assist


Damage caused:

  • fighter: 10k damage done
  • destroyer: 20k damage done
  • annihilator: 30k damage done


Destruction of turrets:

  • assault: 2 turrets destroyed
  • siege: 4 turrets destroyed
  • demolisher: 8 turrets destroyed


Objective capture:

  • basic offensive: capture 1 objective
  • bronze offensive: capture of 2 objectives
  • silver offensive: capture of 3 objectives
  • gold offensive: capture of 4 objectives


Objective defense:

  • basic defense: defend an objective for 1 minute
  • bronze defense: defend an objective for 2 minutes
  • money defense: defend an objective for 4 minutes
  • gold defense: defend an objective for 6 minutes
  • platinum defense: defend an objective for 8 minutes
  • diamond defense: defend an objective for 10 minutes


Repair (requires a suitable partner):

  • mechanic: 2k damage repaired

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