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Ross Treyz, balance designer, gives us on the official blog some tips for building a prosperous trading region by selling raw materials (like coal, oil or ore) but also consumer goods (like computers or televisions) .

First of all, it is important to think big and think in terms of an entire city, or even a region dedicated to trade. Ross, for example, chooses the region of Viridian Wood with 16 towns, the majority of which are commercial, each with a specialization for a given commodity. Here is the breakdown he uses:

  • Commercial towns in the flat areas: Bamberg Basin, Rives de Hohenburg, Plains de Matisse, Prairie de Rousseau, Valley of Gauguin, Bend of Wessex, Cliffs of Yorkshire, Tertre de Traviata, Bois de Géronimo and Forest of Figaro.
  • Towns "services in hilly areas: Monet Plateau, Burghausen Hills, Lancaster Point, Tudor Island, Tosca Cliffs and Straussburg Islands.

These service towns bring electricity, water, and service vehicles and sewage disposal services to commercial towns.


As the world market fluctuates, it is important to be able to react to all situations and produce different goods. With its commercial region, it can thus play the city producing the good goods according to the current rates of purchase / resale. The second advantage with this technique is the commercial weight. Indeed, by having an entire city dedicated to a particular good, we have enough volume to influence the world market and impact the sale / purchase price.

For even greater efficiency, use commercial ports which can hold more cargo. To avoid traffic jams, locate commercial warehouses near highway accesses. Trucks from the world market will be more efficient and faster! Avoid medium density buildings as this can create too much traffic and hinder the smooth flow of import / export trucks. This will calm down once the ports are in place.

With large volumes, do not hesitate to use your influence on world prices. Buy a lot of goods to empty the stock, so its price should increase and you can then resell everything! Prices are recalculated every hour so grab the right time to do business.


In conclusion, Ross Treyz gives some advice:

  • check prices regularly
  • disable commercial ports when not exporting / importing
  • place around 9 commercial ports, fill them up and then sell just after midnight! This will grant you a Trade siege upgrade and allow you to unlock storage locations for high-end merchandise.


Now you know everything, it's up to you to create a new business empire!

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