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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV took place on Wednesday March 30 at 19 p.m. (Thursday 31 at 4 a.m. in Spain) and a lot of information, including the release date, has been announced!

Release date and versions

For starters, the information everyone was eagerly awaiting the release date. So it's Friday September 30, 2016 that FFXV will be released worldwide, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate, Square-Enix offers us a magnificent trailer in spanish as well as a batch of images of the game!


Three versions of the game will be available for sale, each providing bonuses and / or goodies.

  • Day One Edition
    • Download the Masamune weapon from the Final Fantasy saga.
  • Deluxe Edition
    • The Masamune weapon for download.
    • A double Steelbook including blu-rays from FFXV and KingsGlaive.
    • Exclusive decorations to download for the Regalia.
    • A royal costume inspired by KingsGlaive.
  • Ultimate Collector’s Edition (only available on the Square-Enix online store)
    • The Masamune weapon for download.
    • A double Steelbook including blu-rays from FFXV and KingsGlaive.
    • Exclusive decorations to download for the Regalia.
    • A royal costume inspired by KingsGlaive.
    • In-game item packs containing:
      • Travel set
      • Photography set
      • Fishing set
      • Cooking set
    • A double Steelbook containing the soundtrack of FFXV, KingSlaive and Brotherhood in blu-ray format.
    • A Play Arts -Kai- figurine from Noctis. (limited edition)
Tous les support – Day One Edition PS4 – Day One Edition Xbox One – Day One Edition

All media - Deluxe Edition PS 4 - Deluxe Edition Xbox One – Deluxe Edition

Tous les support – Ultimate Collector’s Edition PS4 – Ultimate Collector’s Edition Xbox One – Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Xbox One - Ultimate Collector's Edition Cover PS4 - Ultimate Collector's Edition Cover PS4 - Deluxe Edition Cover

Xbox One - PS4 - Pochette Deluxe Edition

Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV

Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XV is, as the name suggests, a free demo that will take players to the dreamlike world of Child Noctis. In the skin of Noctis, players will be able to learn to master several weapons and spells as well as to get behind the wheel of a car. In order to defeat the monsters of the dream world, Noctis will have to create links with his strange guide, Carbuncle. The scenario will be completely unique to the demo and will not be available in the main game.

Players who complete the demo will unlock, in exclusive downloadable content, the Carbuncle Summon for the full game when released.

The demo is available in the Xbox Marketplace for the Xbox One and in the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4.

KingSlaive - Final Fantasy XV

As you may have seen, some editions of the game include blu-ray and soundtrack of "KingSlaive".

KingSlaive is a CGI animated film that has been presented by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Square-Enix. This feature film aims to introduce the events of Final Fantasy XV by presenting us with a story that interweaves the intricacies of warring kingdoms, the principles of loyalty, and epic combat.

The film has a fairly prestigious cast, including the famous actor Sean Bean, (which we have seen in The Lord Of The Rings, Equilibrium, Game of Thrones, The Island, Silent Hill, Troy, Seul sur Mars and many others) who will play the role of King, le roi de Lucia, determined to protect his kingdom.

We also find there Lena Headey, another famous actress who has mainly starred in 300, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Game of Thrones, who will play the role of Luna, the princess in charge of giving Lucis' ring to Prince Noctis.

And to finish this casting, we will also find there Aaron Paul (who many have discovered for playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad) who will play Nyx.

The film will be released under numerical format worldwide when the game is released. You can now find the trailer for the game.

Brotherhood - Final Fantasy XV

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a 5-part anime series. The latter will allow to explore the bonds of friendship uniting prince Noctis and his three companions and will also allow to set up the events of the adventure which awaits them in Final Fantasy XV.

The first episode is already available for free streaming on YouTube. The other episodes will also be released for free prior to the game's release.

The trailer as well as the episodes will be available shortly, in spanish, on the YouTube page dedicated to FFXV of Square-Enix Spain.


What do you think of all this news?

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