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John Giordano, gameplay writer, discusses the two new specializations that are offered to players with the additional disc:

  • Academy: the bastion of order and harmony
  • OmegaCo: a greedy and demagogue company, advocating chaos and obsessed with the idea of ​​building its urban empire

But it will also be possible to be in between with Omegacademy. This is not the easiest route, so he gives us some tips:

  • choose a land with ore and oil
  • build the academy in a place far from pollution (be careful with the direction of the wind)
  • Unlock the Academy's anti-pollution technologies: Wastewater Sanitizer, Waste Sprayer, Floor Cleaner
  • place the OmegaCo seat and unlock franchises (be careful with the direction of the wind)
  • unlock useful OmegaCo buildings: Security drones (municipal services), Extraction capsules (resource exploitation)

Thus, we take advantage of the advantage of the two specialties while making a lot of profits. But we must expect to have to deal with many concerns because the residents of the academy are very demanding and grumbling! To protect them from OmegaCo, John advocates using floor cleaners as a bulwark as well as mega towers with security levels and an air cleaner crown.

Do you think this middle path is viable? Are you thinking of trying to create a hybrid city?

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