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It is not always easy to understand and assimilate all the intricacies of a class during our first fights with it. This short guide will introduce you to the different skills of the Priest at its beginnings (from level 1 to 10) and how to use it. The Priest is a healing class but you will see during your first battles in the game that, on the damage side, it stings quite a bit for a healer.

The Priest consumes Mana to cast its spells, but also "Orbs" (Mote in English). These Orbs improve the effect of certain spells. They are visible at the top left under your character's life and mana gauges.


Spells and their use

You will find below the spells in spanish and English.

Orbs / motes is life! Heaven's Hammer / Divine Hammer is your main spell to attack.


Use Ellora's Marks / Marques d'Ellora to weaken your opponents. Use once or as soon as the effect wears off.
You can also use it on you, knowing that it stacks three times.


The fate that hurts! Use when you have your 3 Motes / Orbs loaded and with the Ellora's Marks / Ellora's Marks spell applied to the target to maximize damage. Be careful, this attack has an area effect so be careful when using it



Does your enemy love you a little too much? Use Cohesion Veil. Finally it is mainly used to quickly get a mote / orb well done.


Use Divine Comfort if your health is around 70%. Don't be surprised by the low health points, Divine Comfort has a 10 second cooldown. It can be very long when you are in pain!


Healing Glow is an area effect spell that will heal your allies, do not hesitate to use it at its maximum level, level 3 charges quite quickly.


Your first combo spell, if the damage is not crazy, it allows you to obtain an orb / mote and also to propel your enemy back. Stall in your cycle for orb gain when your enemy is too close to you.


A good way to help improve damage when landed on enemies and heal over time for friendly targets.


Contrition is quite situational at the moment. The fact that it inflicts terror on your enemy can come in handy if you run out of heal and need a 10 second breath.


Your cycle will depend on your levels and therefore on the skills at your disposal.

For example, a cycle between the level 1 to 5, I start my familiar first and then proceed as follows:

  • Heaven's Hammer / Divine Hammer to get an orb / mote
  • Ellora's Marks with the orb / mot obtained to weaken his opponent
  • Heaven's Hammer / Divine Hammer to obtain 3 motes / orbs
  • Sacred Impact / Sacred Shock that will do a maximum of damage with the 3 orbs / motes.

In the meantime, don't forget to keep an eye on your life and take care of yourself!

This cycle corresponds to basic enemies.

If you have any motes / orbs left at the end of the fight, use them with Ellora's Marks / Ellora's Marks on you to benefit from its upgrades. They stay 3 minutes. Also, a single orb / mote is enough to refresh the effect, so it can be quite simple to keep Ellora's Marks / Ellora's Marks on you (you can target yourself with CTRL + 1. For your allies you will use CTRL + 2 , etc.)

Cohesion Veil is ideal for accumulating motes / orbs before starting the fight. Use it 3 times in a row so that you can cast 3 Marks of Ellora at you for 15% magic critical rate, defense, and movement speed. You can even use it a fourth time to have an orb in reserve for your target.

Au 6 level (well it seems to me, sorry: D), you will have your first combo spell, alias I press the same key so that it hurts even more. It is Divine Punishment which, if it doesn't hurt super bad, has the advantage of giving an orb / mote with a chance to knock back the target. We can therefore imagine changing our cycle as follows:

  • Buff yourself with Cohesion Veil x3 and the Marks of Ellora if you haven't already.
  • Heaven's Hammer / Divine Hammer to get an orb / mote.
  • Ellora's Marks with the orb / mot obtained to weaken his opponent.
  • Divine Punishment to alternate with Divine Hammer / Heaven's Hammer to refuel motes / orbs.
  • Sacred Impact / Sacred Shock that will do a maximum of damage with the 3 orbs / motes.

Au 8 level you obtain Righteous Authority. This skill adds additional effects to Heaven's Hammer / Divine Hammer and Ellora's Marks / Ellora's Marks. Your cycle will then start with Righteous Authority / Authority justified in order to take full advantage of the effects.

Finally, at 10 level, the new spell obtained is called Contrition. The utility in solo is situational: it eats a mote / orb for a spell that channels for 10 seconds.


Let's recap!

At level 10 you already have very interesting spells!

Remember to keep Ellora's Marks / Ellora's Marks on you to maximize your stats and always place a mark on your target to weaken them.
Remember to monitor your own health bar and use Divine Comfort / Divine Comfort if it drops below around 70%.
You also have Healing Glow to heal yourself and your allies.

You now have a good foundation to start your career as Priest on Riders of Icarus! Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and comments to refine this little guide for beginners.

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