SimCity - City of Tomorrow: New Regions

Kyle Brown, level designer, tells us a little more about the new regions that we got a brief (unclear) glimpse of last night on Facebook. The new regions will be free (to all current players) and are called Desolation, Walker's Badlands, Lush Jungle, and Island of Serenity.

These regions are of two types: desert (Desolation and Walker's Badlands) and tropical (Lush Jungle and Island of Serenity). Water is a real concern in desert regions but fortunately, new technologies (especially in megatours) make it possible to reduce water consumption, convert air pollution into rain clouds or clean up wastewater. . The tropical regions are very welcoming, with beautiful trees and landscapes.

The Desolation card offers a real challenge to mayors: a city has been hit by a terrible ecological disaster and the site is very polluted.

It will fund the technologies needed to eliminate pollution and reduce radiation through the academy. ControlNet will also need to be imported from a nearby town to operate the floor cleaners. Beyond the complexity of management, this city will bring in a lot of money because it contains a lot of resources.


Deserts or tropics?

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