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Stone Librande, chief designer of SimCity, details on the official site the specialization of the cities (source). Indeed, the simulation in SimCity is reflected above all at the level of the region, and we must see in a more global way interconnected cities, sharing services and resources. By avoiding the redundancy of certain buildings, regions are more efficient and cities more prosperous in their specialties. If you decide to manage your region alone, the thing is obvious and you can gradually expand to nearby areas according to your needs. It becomes more complex if we play with friends ... or strangers (public parties), it promises heated discussions! Some examples of shared buildings: power station, water treatment center, fire station, school ...

Mayors with entrepreneurial tendencies will be able to specialize in 5 main areas:
  • metal : extraction of coal and minerals, creation of metals and alloys
  • oil : drilling crude oil wells, refining and creating plastics and fuels
  • electronic : transformation of metal, alloys and plastic into microprocessors, television and computers
  • trade : management of global market prices to buy at a low price and resell at a margin
  • game : creation of a tourist center with hotels and various services

Of course, for the first 2, you will need to have the right resources in your soils! More generally, it will certainly be necessary to think about investing in education and transport to become more efficient.

Do not hesitate to read the entire article for all the details!

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