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Update 9 will be rolling out to SimCity today. It brings in particular 5 attractions, available free of charge:

  • the giant garden gnome
  • Doris the dinosaur
  • Loulou the llama
  • the Statue of MaxisMan
  • the biggest ball in the world


But it also brings, as always, a lot of improvements.

  • Kit d'attractions : Available for everyone, the Amusement Kit includes five attractions: the Giant Garden Gnome, Doris the Dinosaur, Loulou the Llama, the MaxisMan Statue and the Biggest Ball in the World. Each of them will make your Sims happier and attract tourists to the city.
  • Megatours : Sometimes in heavily populated megatours, Sims did not move efficiently between levels. The problem was resolved. On the other hand, apartment levels sometimes required shops, and shopping mall levels required consumers when there were enough shops and consumers available in the mega-tower. This will also solve the problem.
  • Megatours : Sometimes Megatower Sims would complain that they didn't have enough jobs when they were actually overworked. The problem was resolved. Overworked Sims will now notify players that they are overworked. Surplus jobs require more employees to fill the labor gap.
  • Magnetic train : Sometimes, trains no longer ran when several trains were at the same station. The problem was resolved.
  • Magnetic train : All Sims boarding a Magnetic Train will now get off when they arrive at their destination.
  • Note: The issues resolved by updating the megatours will hardly be able to be resolved in a city that is already affected by these issues. If you have chosen to continue working, you will only see the changes after a while. You can also destroy megatours in your city so that the changes are visible right away.
  • New: Support for Mac TouchPad, Mouse and Magic Mouse. Pinch two fingers together to zoom, drag two fingers to move the camera, and rotate two fingers to rotate the camera.
  • New : Ability to turn motion blur off for a personalized experience and better performance.
  • Megatours: radiation has more impact on megatours. Sims comments alert you to a drop in happiness due to radiation.
  • Megatours: Sims should no longer be complaining about the lack of consumers and stores at the same time.
  • health: Sims no longer complain about the excessive death toll when medidrones are deployed in the city and the death toll per day is zero.
  • Processor factory: Processor factories no longer get stuck when constructing high tech level industrial buildings directly bypassing mid tech level industrial buildings.
  • Poppy : SimCity updates correctly when disk space is freed.
  • Poppy : If you turn off random disasters, they will no longer reactivate each time you relaunch SimCity.
  • Trade : electricity, water and wastewater treatment services provided to neighbors now generate income.
  • Trade : ControlNet provided to neighbors is now earning income.
  • IU: the wastewater treatment capacity in the region is displayed more accurately.
  • Sandbox : If you demolish or deactivate prerequisite buildings in Sandbox mode, the corresponding modules are not blocked for academy, OmegaCo and mega-towers.
  • Graphics: modernized planes no longer transform into standard planes when they land.
  • Random disasters : Previously pending disasters no longer occur when you have disabled them in the game options.
  • Success: Regional Achievements unlock faster when the criteria are met.
  • Launch Arcology Launch Arcology now accepts new settlers when it has been deactivated and then reactivated.
  • Waste: garbage trucks no longer return to the depot at 18 p.m. in densely populated cities when there is still waste to be collected.
  • Trams: trams are no longer blocked and no longer accumulate in the same place.
  • OmegaCo: OmegaCo production will no longer be displayed as X crates and drones out of 0.
  • Graphics : the modernized bridges appear modernized in the map of the region.

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