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As you most surely know, SimCity will be released in Europe on March 7th. We would like to do this by creating a region for visitors to Games Managers, Games Managersr !

We may create a second region if it is really crowded. We will select the players who want to join us according to their specializations in order to obtain different cities and to be able to dispatcher correctly. For those who have not followed, here are some specializations:

  • Extraction : ore, coal and metals
  • Drilling : oil
  • Trade
  • Electronic : processors
  • Culture : historic city
  • Games : casino and simoleons!

Once selected, we'll give you more information on how to join us in-game (this will be by invitation).

Feel free to come up with a name instead of "SimCity Guider" too?



  • Do not block the advancement of cities of other players
  • Stick to the advertised specialization
  • Show good neighborliness, cooperate, exchange
  • Play a minimum of the game
  • Have a Games Managers account
  • If you wish to quit the Games Managersr adventure on SimCity, in-game, please notify Onidra, Clamoune, Juliaan or myself by private message or on our forums. You will have to leave the region in play in order to make room for a new player. Don't give up on your city without letting us know!

Region 1

  1. * Nicou, specialized in electronics-students-ecology
  2. * Juliaan, culture-history specialist
  3. Aayla, ecology specialist (Not joined for the moment)
  4. * Mimiglen, specialized in processors
  5. * Computerslave, materials recycling specialist (Not joined for the moment)
  6. * Clemino, specialization to be defined according to location
  7. * Dreadoux, specialized in tourism-casino or electronics
  8. * Finashare, specialized in extraction and drilling
  9. Falhstaff, eco-student-e-commerce-specialist (Not joined for the moment)
  10. * Nicky_la_Fleche, specialized according to needs
  11. * Harnesh, specialized in casinos
  12. *Mcalum
  13. * Option
  14. * Gorgonzolaa
  15. -
  16. -

Region 2

  1. * Clamoune, industrial specialist
  2. * Onidra, specialized in culture or casinos
  3. * Luigi, specialized on request
  4. * Perl0n, specialized in ecology and electronics
  5. Behal, specialist ...
  6. * Draken, specialized in electricity-oil
  7. * Cenred, trade-extraction specialist
  8. * YnotnA, specialized in electronics or depending on location.
  9. * Antibi0, specialized in industry and waste recycling
  10. * Warior31, specialized processor and universities
  11. * Run
  12. *Snakemanou
  13. * Pinkrabbit
  14. * Thoutoum
  15. -
  16. -

►► Make yourself known here, via the comments indicating your wish for specialization!

Server : Western Europe 1

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