SimCity - Take your pick!

Images are posted on the official Facebook page, asking for a choice. Here is the set, updated as we go:


14/12/2012 : will you make a student city?



15/12/2012 : What disaster for you?



22/12/2012 : will you make a coastal town or a casino town?


24/12/2012 : nice or not? Will you be a nice mayor who will build a waste treatment plant?


27/12/2012 : which public service will you install first in your city? A fire station or a police station?


03/01/2013 : which means of transport will you install as a priority in your future city? The bus or the tram?


07/01/2013 : Will you be that ugly mayor who lets crime run rampant in his town or that cool mayor who builds police stations to catch criminals?

11/01/2012 : Want to create a green city? What will be your first investment: the wind farm or the recycling plant?

17/01/2013 : What tempts you the most: the intergalactic style of the futuristic Casino or the refined class of the elegant Casino?

For my part, more of a student city! When it comes to disasters, I don't like it at all, so I don't choose any and would do everything to prevent them, I'm a nice mayor, me green with wind turbines and a tram! Finally, I prefer the beach rather than the casinos, and I think the fire station is more useful first than the police station.


Reddit ?

Have you been following the AMA on Reddit? If ever someone had the time to give me a summary, they would be grateful!

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