SimCity - Traffic Modification

Alexander Harknees, software engineer, tells us about the traffic system change planned in Update 7, which will be released at the end of the month.

Currently, when a first vehicle wants to go from point A to point B and a second vehicle wants to go to this same point B, the second still goes to point B, even if it is occupied. when he arrives. He must then look for another free location. With this update, the destination location will be reserved upon departure of the vehicle.

There should therefore no longer be any chains of garbage trucks or other aberrant lines of vehicles. Likewise, the police services will no longer all converge in search of a criminal. The first patrol that will take care of it will allow the other police vehicles to resume their patrols.

We can clearly see the change here. On the left, the 2 cars go to the same place, at the top right. But since the red car arrives first, the green is forced to turn back to go to its final destination. No more of that now! The red car goes right and the green car goes left.

The following images summarize the traffic resolution method since the modification of update 6, we can clearly see the evolution of the calculations which are now linked to each segment.

Hope that clears the traffic jams!

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