SWTOR - Preparations, Return, War, Hope and Betrayal

All dates in this article refer to the calendar in effect in TOR. Point 0, by decision of the Senate of the Republic, is the Treaty of Coruscant.

For the Sith Empire, the current war is a revenge for what happened in the Great Hyperspace War, in - 1347 BC. TC. It is an official theory defended by the power. But also partly propaganda. For a thousand years, the Empire stood as far as possible from the Republic. No direct or indirect confrontation. The Sith remained in the shadows, and allowed a more offensive branch to develop away from them and not recognizing the Emperor. In - 347 BC. TC, the war against Exar Kun shakes the Republic. It was only then that the beginnings of the present war began to germinate.

What role did the war of -347 play in the Emperor's decision to return to face the Republic? Is it because the ghosts of the former Sith leaders crowned the leader of the rival branch as their successor? Could it be fleeing survivors who would have landed on the imperial territories and would have informed of the situation, the coordinates of the Republic in memory? (this last theory would at least have the advantage of explaining the presence of double-bladed lightsabers in the Empire, the weapon having been created by Exar Kun) There is bound to be a link, otherwise why would the Imperials be then came into contact with the last allies of Exar Kun? ...

In the utmost secrecy, envoys from the Emperor approached and manipulated the Mandalorian leaders. They wanted to use them to test the Republic's military forces. But they did so in small numbers and without really having any connection to the base. The information collected never came back. In - 311 BC. TC begins the Mandalorian War. Perceiving an obscure threat behind direct enemies, but unable to identify it, the Jedi Council refused to intervene. Only a handful of knights led by the one who took the name Revan intervened. They defeated the Mandalorians. With his apprentice Malak, they traced the Sith trail to Dromund Kaas and the Emperor. Captured and tortured, they were converted to the Dark Side and sent back to the Republic to take over the same role as the Mandalorians from - 303 BC. They managed to break their new conditioning by partially erasing their memory. Once again, no information came back to the Emperor. Revan was even brought back to the Light side and set off again to face the Imperial forces.

Faced with all these failures, the Emperor must resolve to change his strategy. Intelligence will now be gathered by infiltrators who are much less likely to be countered or returned. Without direct confrontation, less chance of spotting them. And they can also perform a few other tasks. Even the ranks of the Jedi would have welcomed moles.

The most obvious action of these infiltrators concerns the Mandalorians. After being literally destroyed by the army commanded by Revan, the latter finally helped one of them regain official power over the clans. While Canderous Ordo is officially recognized in the long line of Mandalorian chieftains, Mandalore the Savior will not be known as the great reunifier he hoped to be. His pro-Republican policies met with far too much opposition. In three hundred years, they have failed to once again become a force capable of influencing galactic conflicts.

But if the Empire has entered fully into preparations for war, they must move forward very cautiously. The Emperor's mistakes cost them much of the element of surprise. Revan's son had a political career. The Republic knows it has an enemy and who it is. Its governing bodies are also preparing for an inevitable conflict.

- 28 BC TC, an Imperial fleet attacks the Republican space station in orbit of Korriban. Here is the very first clash between the two great galactic superpowers. Victory of the Sith, who only let escape a vessel comprising the Jedi apprentice Satele Shan, the commando Jace Malcolm and the smuggler captain Nico Okarr.

For the next ten years, the Empire continued to win in the Outer Rim. The Republic and the Jedi offer fierce resistance, but they do not have enough bases to fall back on for swift counterattacks. Note, however, that during the Great Hyperspace War, Naga Sadow had reached Coruscant. Exar Kun's troops had raid there as well. As long as the Core is not threatened, the Republic does not give its maximum. The Empire dragged on the peripheries. But they won that round.

- 18 BC, the Empire then moved towards the Median Border, and more particularly on Bothawui. They expected an opponent discouraged by his latest setbacks. But then begins one of the worst battles of the whole war. Under the command of Jedi Master Belth Allusis, Republic troops fought to the last. Their act of courage was broadcast throughout the Republic and gave new impetus to recruitment. The Battle of Bothawui was a military defeat but a new start for a revival of military forces. The Empire had no equivalent. It then became inescapable that the Sith did not have sufficient resources to win this war.

But the Empire had yet another element up its sleeve. The Secret Service had helped a Mandalorian gladiator seize the symbols of power from his people. An ideal puppet, whose threads it was time to draw. Mandalore the Little called the clans back to war. The Republic saw the opening of a new front. And opponents who did not think as individuals from the outside who had come to conquer. They knew that the decisions of the Republic were made on Coruscant. To really threaten her, you had to go after the Core.

It took several years for the Mandalorian clans to reunite properly, but in - 8 BC, they settled on the great commercial channel of the Hydian Way, establishing a blockade of the necessary resources at Coruscant. The head of the Republic is paralyzed. It will last nearly a year before a coalition of pirates and smugglers, led by Mirialan Hylo Visz, tries to break through. Warned by their Strategic Information Service, the Republic sends a fleet to bring them assistance. Caught between these two forces, the Mandalorians must renounce their blockade.

Subsequently, Mandalore the Little will be dethroned and replaced. His successor will have to manage a civil war with supporters of the philosophy of Mandalore the Savior. He withdraws from the ongoing conflict, but will ensure his supremacy and remains a certain ally for the Empire. Either way, the Mandalorian clans had already fulfilled their role.

Coruscant paralyzed by this Mandalorian blockade, the Republic fleet found itself separated from its superior command. A very disturbing handicap, which allows the Empire to resume its march forward. Darth Malgus even allows himself several raids in the Core.

But on Alderaan, he encountered an extraordinary counter-attack. This is perhaps the Republic's greatest victory in this war. Led by Jace Malcolm's Chaos Squadron and Jedi Satele Shan, she succeeds in pushing Malgus and his men out of the Core.

The two armies are always face to face in the middle border. The Empire has only one foot in the Core and Balmora is challenged. The Republic army is experiencing a new revival and they no longer have a secret map like the Mandalorians to kill. The Dark Council is almost halved. The Emperor chooses to procrastinate. He sends requests to negotiate a peace.

After twenty-eight years of conflict, the Republic includes enough pacifist movements to at least consider listening to the envoys of the Empire. The meeting will take place in Alderaan, the military hotspot of the war. Jjedi are even sent to ensure that no trap is caught in the senatorial delegation. They are led by Masters Dar'Nala and Satele Shan.

But the trap is not there. Set up by Grand Moff Kilran and led by Darth Angral, the Empire's army embarks on a final raid on Coruscant. Darth Angral even killed Supreme Chancellor Berooken himself. The destruction of the Jedi temple by the commandos of Darth Malgus was even filmed and broadcast live via many channels ...

All this was meant to allow Darth Baras, the Empire's chief negotiator, to revise the terms of the treaty in his favor. With Coruscant taken hostage, he could afford to make unacceptable demands with the current balance of power. The Empire cannot afford to hold Coruscant for long, but it is enough to cause irreparable damage that the Republican delegation does not want.

Although signed on Alderaan, this peace treaty will be named Treaty of Coruscant because of this pressure exerted on the capital planet of the Republic. The Empire emerges victorious from the conflict, while its adversary must undergo the challenge generated by certain lines of the treaty. Several planets, including Alderaan, even go so far as to leave the bosom of the Republic.

However, anyone with a little savvy and foresight knows that this signed treaty is only a respite. The war will resume soon, as soon as one of the two galactic superpowers deems it is ready enough to restart everything.

We are in 10 a TC, and everything seems about to explode again ...

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