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When there is too much traffic in a city, traffic jams lurk. One solution may be the use of public transport, the subject of the article the street is ours by Guillaume Pierre, chief screenwriter. Indeed, there are different modes of public transport, the most accessible is the shuttle, suitable for small towns. Place a deposit and stops to start.

For larger cities, the bus station and municipal buses are essential. You can place parking lots in some key locations to entice your Sims to park and take public transportation. An alternative, currently much appreciated in many real cities, is the tram which uses dedicated rails in the streets of the city. It can carry more passengers than shuttles or buses but occupy 2 traffic lanes.

Finally, there is the train, the most efficient method in terms of number of passengers but requiring the most infrastructure. The advantage is that the train makes it easier for tourists and residents of other neighboring towns to come!

Be careful though: your public transportation must be useful for The Sims to use it. Place your stops anywhere and the buses will remain hopelessly empty, just bringing additional vehicles into your city's certainly already busy traffic. You will find all this information on a specific data card. 4 criteria define the efficiency of a transport system:

  1. number of Sims waiting to be picked up
  2. average waiting time
  3. number of passengers currently in vehicles
  4. number of passengers dropped off during the day

With a few tweaks, you'll see, your Sims will quickly adopt your new network, abandoning their personal vehicles and smoothing out traffic.

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