SWTOR - ZL: The False Emperor (Hard)

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False Emperor is the sequel to the first Flashpoint The Battle for Ilum. Once the stealth shuttle has been captured, you will be able to head to the fortress of Malgus.



At the same location as the start of the ZL Battle for Ilum, you will find the entrance to the False Emperor.

Darth Malgus has proclaimed himself leader of a new Empire supposed to rally the entire galaxy by ridding it of the old sclerotic Empire, as well as the Republic. You repelled Malgus' assault on Ilum and stole a stealthy command ship from his invading fleet. Climb aboard the stealthy command ship and prepare to fight Darth Malgus aboard his space station.



As soon as you enter the stealth base, progress from point to point, you will have the right to two very nice little scenes. Don't forget to complete the bonus objectives during your journey, this will unlock an additional boss for you.

  • Step 1 : Defeat the forces of Malgus / 30
  • Step 2 : Defeat the forces of Malgus / 40
  • Step 3 : Neutralize the control consoles / 6
  • ending : Deactivate the Stasis Chamber and Defeat the Sith Entity
  • Independent bonus :
    • Neutralize assembly monitors / 4
    • Neutralize arming consoles / 6


Tregg the Destroyer

Point of view : 70 871

capacity :

  • Bleeding: Causes the target to lose health on a regular basis
  • Whirlwind Lunge: When a red area appears under the boss's feet, it's a sign to run, as he launches devastating attacks.

Tregg is accompanied by two friends (3 hp and 785 hp) who will have to be defeated as a priority. Small tip for the tank, he can place the boss at the end of the bridge, near the computer console. Indeed, Tregg has an annoying tendency to throw the tank, which can quickly find itself in the void if he is not careful.


Jindo Krey

Point of view : 349 086

capacity :

  • Grapple: Attracts players to it
  • Flame Sweep: Rotates and shoots flames, dealing damage to nearby players
  • Electrofléchette: Stuns the target
  • Absorber shield: It protects itself behind a shield, it will have to be inflicted enough damage to destroy it
  • Projection: Usually after having attracted a player to him, he will throw him. Beware of the void!
  • Ship Missile Barrage: The ship will launch missile bursts until the console is activated

The boss is accompanied by a ship, which will launch damage zones to avoid.

At times, he will also approach to shoot. You will then have to use the console in the middle to shoot him and prevent him from doing so. If no one uses it in time, it will switch places and increase its damage. In which case, hurry up and click on the console as soon as possible.

It is better to define beforehand two people who will click on the console. Indeed, Jindo has the annoying habit of using his grappling hook on the person who clicks on it. After five shots at the ship, it will be destroyed, and you can focus on Jindo.


Prototypes B-16 and A-14

Point of view : 70 each

capacity :

  • Blade Shear: Increases impending damage by 10%
  • Simulation mode: Temporary invulnerability

The strategy is relatively simple. In turn, the droids will enter "Simulation Mode", a blue area placed under their feet and making them invulnerable. At that point, all you have to do is switch to the other droid who doesn't have the shield. The fight will take place like this, a succession of switches between the two bosses, until they are both eliminated.


Arrived at Arkis Wode's laboratory, you will have the right to a small scene, where you can enjoy the return of our friend HK-47 whom you have already met in the Foundry (Empire side), reprogrammed to serve Malgus, he has well intend to reduce the piles of meat that you are to dust.



Point of view : 299 524

capacity :

  • Powerful shot
  • Sniping: Casting fire dealing damage to target player
  • Immobilization
  • Grappin
  • Burst: Salvo of fire in a cone in front of him
  • Stealth: HK disappears then reappears attacking a random player and stunning them for 10 seconds
  • Corrosive Grenade: Deals regular damage to players in the area


Turrets will appear at some point. You just have to destroy them first, so that they do not bother you, because they may require extra care from your Healer.


After that you will have the choice between killing Arkis Wode or leaving him alive (Alignment), now set out for the throne room. A new series of bosses awaits you, including the bonus boss if you have taken the time to complete the bonus stages.


Brave Chondrus

Point of view : 67 501

capacity :

  • Rotary Strikes: Channeled attack on a player, can be interrupted

Rather a mini-boss. Accompanied by two enemies (4 bp) to be eliminated first.


Boss Bonus: Sith Entity

Point of view : 189 627

capacity :

  • Throw: Jumps to the ground and throws the targeted player
  • Force Bolt: Deals damage and stuns target player

Every 25% of its health, the Entity disappears and spawns three other Entities (17 hp), each having their role, as a group of players: Healer, Tank, DPS.

They appear each time according to the same pattern:

Eliminate the Healer first, then the DPS and finally the Tank. Consider interrupting their powers, especially the Healer.


Then head to the throne room where Darth Malgus resides. In front of the door is a crate with pulse grenades, pick them up, they will be essential for the fight (if you don't have a class that can throw / bump). After a very nice scene, you will fight the final boss.


Boss Final: Dark Malgus

Point of view : 456 829

capacity :

  • Throw: Throws the targeted player back
  • Doubt: Target player is stunned for a few seconds. Once the incapacity is over, the other players are stunned as the first player faces Malgus on their own for 15 seconds
  • Jumping: Malgus regularly jumps on players
  • Unlimited Power: An incantated power that must absolutely be interrupted
  • Vengeful Strikes: Series of saber strikes, can be interrupted

The boss may seem complicated, but ultimately it is not that much. The recommended technique is to place it on the stairs. Thus, you will not be bothered by the projections.

When facing Malgus on your own, consider using your defensive powers as needed.

At 10% of his health, Malgus will not move, and will launch devastating lightning bolts, which will come to the end of you if you delay too much. This is where the grenades will come in handy, using them to throw it into the void. An end of Emperor for a False Emperor.

Note that since an update, it is also possible to eliminate Malgus by lowering his health points to zero.

You will get the title "Throne Breaker" for killing the traitor.

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