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With the release of the new Morrowind expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, a whole new class is born: The Guardian.

After playing the beast for the last 15 days, I made myself a little build that allows both to ensure as a DD (Damage Dealer - damage) and as a healer. I am not a professional in "theory-crafting", but the following build suits me perfectly and allows me to carry out PvE content without problem, both alone and in a group, and allows me to play the role of damage like healer.


The teddy bear with bandages

The Guardian is a class that can easily play in magic as in force and even both at the same time (like other classes, but I find the Guardian to be easier to switch from one to the other). Having already a class oriented exclusively force (my Knight-Dragon), I wanted to try an orientation only magic with the Guardian.



On the weapons side, I use a lightning staff / fire staff (according to your preferences) and a recovery stick.

  • Why the lightning staff? Quite simply because I find that the latter offers a good ratio in terms of "damage / control". The lightning staff does very decent damage in single target, allows you to have "base" area damage via heavy attacks and apply the "lightning" effect, which reduces the damage of the target and applies "to him". minor vulnerability ”.
  • Why the fire stick? It is the one that does the most "raw damage" among the sticks of destruction. However, it is clearly oriented single target. But, on the other hand, it allows to have a damage over time via its heavy attack, which can do great damage in particular thanks to the points of champions (I will come back to this below, in the part "points of champion).

But for the Guardian, I much prefer the lightning staff.

  • Why the recovery stick? This goes without saying for the care branch! It is the quintessential healer's staff! It must also be said that it is the only stick dedicated entirely to care. : D.


Weapon skills:

Staff of destruction — 6 points :

  • Triple effect : Fully charged heavy attacks deal 100% damage to nearby enemies.
  • Elemental strength : Increases the chance to apply the effect “Thundered” (or “flaming” if you choose the fire staff) by 100%.
  • Ancestral knowledge : Reduces charge time for heavy attacks by 10%.

Recovery stick — 8 points :

  • Drain d’essence : Grants "Major Healing" after a heavy attack, increasing healing done by 25%. Also heals for 30% of damage dealt to an ally.
  • Recovery expertise : Increases healing applied to allies with less than 15% health by 30%.
  • Cycle of life : Restores 30% more magic after a heavy attack.
  • Absorption : gives 540 points when you block a spell.


Equipment, Attributes and Stone of Mundus

Lightweight ? Way ? Heavy ? I opted for a combination 5 light and 2 heavy. Why ?

The five light equipments allow for excellent magic regeneration, reduction in magic cost, increase in spell critical rating and better spell penetration.

As regards the two heavy elements, they are there to improve magic and physical resistance, to have a small regeneration of magic each time you take a hit (every 4 seconds) and to increase your life points by 4%.


Armor skills:

Light Armor — 11 points :

  • Evocation : Reduces spell magic cost by 15% (3% per element).
  • Recovery : Increases magic recovery by 20% (4% per item).
  • Magic bulwark : increases resistance to spells.
  • Prodigy : Increases your spell crit rating if you are wearing 5 or more pieces of light armor.
  • Concentration : Increases spell penetration if you are wearing 5 or more pieces of light armor.

Heavy armor — 7 points :

  • Determination : increases your physical resistance and resistance to spells.
  • Constitution : Increases health recovery by 8%. Restores Magic and Stamina with each hit (4 Second Cooldown).
  • Mastodon : Increases maximum health by 4%.


Regarding the attributes, I opted for 50 magic points et 14 healthy points.


Mundus Stone:

It depends on your main focus:

  • The apprentice : Use if you prefer to focus on damage. This stone increases the damage of your spells.
  • The ritual : to use if you prefer to orient yourself towards care. This stone increases your healing by 10%.

Other stones to use?

You can use other stones, which may depend on your equipment. If you have little magic, you can take " The Wizard "And if you are often dry, do not hesitate to use" L'Atronach ».


Action bar and passive skills

First action bar: Damage

Now let's get to the heart of the matter: skills!

The first action bar, the one equipped with the destruction staff (lightning or fire), is dedicated to damage. The branch used is "Animal companions".

All damage is of course based purely on magic, with direct damage, damage over time, and crowd control.

Bar details

Animal companions - 12 points:

Dive> Howling Cliff Brawler :

  • This is the main attack spell. The latter must be used from a distance to best benefit from the 15% damage on distant enemies.

Swarm> Growing Swarm :

  • This is the main DOT that must be maintained on a target all the time. However, wait until the latter is completely finished before relaunching it in order to take advantage of the "Growing Swarm" effect which allows the DOT to be applied on 6 enemies located within a radius of 10 meters from the initially infected target.

Carbonization> Deep crack :

  • This spell is not only used for area damage, but also for control thanks to its buff that stuns the nearest enemy for 3 seconds. This allows you to interrupt it or to move away so that you can use Screaming Cliff Brawler at full power!

Falcon Vivacity> Deceptive Predator :

  • This is a BUFF that allows you to increase your movement speed by 30%, grant you "Major Stamina", thereby increasing your stamina regeneration (for rolls and blocks), and, via morph, gain "Minor Evasion. Which increases your chances of dodging. This spell is to be used in case of a "hard blow", to escape from a dangerous area or to get away from an enemy.

Female netch> Blue netch :

  • The main purpose of this spell is to grant you a very large magic regeneration for 25 seconds and to gain a buff that increases your damage by 20% for 24 seconds. Thanks to its evolution, it is possible to remove a negative effect that affects you.

Ultimate: Ferocious Guardian> Eternal Guardian:

  • This ultimate allows you to have a permanent pet that does very high magic damage to your enemies. Its morph allows it to respawn automatically if it is unlucky enough to be killed.


Passive spells - 8 points:

On the side of passive spells, there is no need to ask the question: you take everything!

  • Connection with nature : Each time one of the companions is killed or dismissed, you are healed.
  • Wild beast : Each time you use an animal companion skill, you gain 4 ultimates.
  • Flourishes : 72% increase in magic and vigor regeneration (12% for each spell of the "animal companions" branch present in the action bar)
  • Advanced species : 12% increase in the damage of animal companion skills (2% for each spell of the "animal companions" branch present in the action bar)


Second action bar - Healing

The second action bar is the one dedicated exclusively to treatment and which must be equipped with the restoration stick.

She only uses branch spells "Green balance" which I find is really optimal and complete for healing, having both solo, area, player buffs, allies, and HOTS (healing over time).

Bar detail

Green balance - 12 points:

Fungal growth> Enchanted growth:

  • This is the main care. The latter heals very well, both you and your allies located within a radius of 20 meters in front of you. Additionally, with morph, you grant them "Minor Intellect" and "Minor Stamina," which both increase Magicka and Stamina recovery by 10% for 20 seconds.

Healing seed> Budding seeds:

  • This is your primary zone spell. The latter allows you to place a care zone on the ground that heals 6 people located inside after 6 seconds (which allows you to put it down and give your companions time to go inside, rather than having to struggle. to run after people and miss half of it, because they get out of the way when casting the spell: D). Your allies can activate a synergy that heals them for 5 seconds. In addition, with the evolution, you can activate the healing of the field whenever you want.

Nature's embrace> Waterlogged brambles:

  • It is your single target treatment par excellence. With evolution, instead of placing a HOT on your target, it instantly heals them.

Live brambles> Vampiric brambles:

  • This is a really excellent HOT. It is applied to yourself or to an ally, which causes that with each hit received, a heal is automatically triggered. In addition, with its evolution, each hit received also heals yourself and your allies!

Lotus flower> Lotus bud:

  • It's a spell that allows you to improve your stick attacks in addition to granting you a very good bonus! Thanks to it, your light attacks restore life and your heavy attacks also heal an ally. With its morph, you gain "Major Prophecy", which increases the chance of magical crit! What smack big criticisms of care!

Ultimate: Lonely Grove> Healing Thicket:

  • The latter is reminiscent of "Budding seeds" in its use. You place a large healing area on the ground that heals allies inside. Via its morph, people inside also gain a HOT which continues to heal them every second for 6 seconds.


Passive spells - 8 points

On the side of passive spells, it's the same as for the first bar: you take everything!

  • Accelerated growth : If you heal an ally who has less than 50% health (or yourself), you gain the “Major Heal” buff which increases healing by 25%.
  • Gift of nature : Each time you use a skill from the “Green Balance” branch, you regain magic or stamina (the most “empty” characteristic).
  • Emerald moss : Increases the healing of your "Green Balance" skills by 12% (2% for each spell in the "Green Balance" branch present in the action bar)
  • Maturation : Each time an ally heals, you apply “Minor Toughness”, which increases their maximum health by 10%.

Champion points

Champion Points can improve both damage and healing. I based the calculation of the points of champion on a level of 270. Obviously, it will be necessary to adapt according to your level of champion, the key is to keep the "proportion" in the distribution.

Ultimately, I am aiming for a champion rank 510 with a disposition and evolution of the spells as presented by the screenshots. It also allows you to see the “evolution” and direction to take in the distribution of points.


The warrior

The Lady: 60 points

  • Light armor specialization: 30 points - Continue to evolve.
  • Robust: 10 points.
  • Hard skin: 10 points.
  • Elementary Defender: 10 points.

The Destrier: 30 points

  • Spell Shield: 20 points.
  • Battleship: 10 points.

The Lord :

  • no point




The Tower: 30 points

  • Magician: 30 points - Continue to evolve.

Shadow: 10 points

  • Acrobat: 10 points.

The Lover: 50 points

  • Tenacity: 20 points - Continue to evolve.
  • Arcanist: 20 points - Continue to evolve.
  • Good health: 10 points.


The Wizard

The Apprentice: 70 points

  • Blessing: 25 points - Continue to evolve.
  • Elementary expertise: 20 points - Continue to evolve.
  • Elven Blood: 10 points.
  • Magic erosion: 15 points.

L'Atronach : 10 points

  • Stick Expert: 10 points - Continue to evolve.

The Ritual: 10 points

  • Thaumaturge: 10 points - Continue to develop.



Finally, here is the build in a few figures:

  • 72 skill points required.
  • Attribute points in magic: 50.
  • Attribute points in health: 14.
  • 5 pieces of light armor.
  • 2 pieces of heavy armor.
  • Damage Bar - Lightning / Fire Staff.
  • Damage skill: animal companions.
  • Healing bar - Recovery stick.
  • Skincare skill: green balance.
  • Champion Points: 270.

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