The Division - Little Agent Guide: Game Basics

Arriving in a new game is not necessarily easy for everyone, or rather, it is a unique experience specific to each one: we discover its interface, the gameplay, the default keys but we can miss it. relatively useful information. So before you let go in Manhattan, let's review your stuff, rookie!



Your playground: Manhattan

In The Division, you are a special agent who roams the streets of New York and more particularly the island of Manhattan. Not all the streets of our Manhattan are represented, but the important places are indeed present. The majority of the explorable map is only for PvE (Player vs. Environment) and a red part, the Dark Zone, includes PvP (Player vs. Player) in addition to PvE.

Districts (JcE)

Manhattan is divided into districts (or neighborhoods) which give us limits of difficulty in our progress. There are no barriers in the game (you can go from level 1 anywhere on the map) but you will be stopped by enemies that are too strong for you.

In these areas, you only see players in your party, except in Camp Hudson.

Here is a list of the 17 districts with the different difficulties of enemies inside.

  • Brooklyn: 1-3 (to be confirmed that we cannot come back to it after the tutorial)
  • Chelsea: 2-4
  • Camp Hudson : 3-4
  • Pennsylvania Plaza : 3-5
  • Hudson Yards : 5-9
  • Garment District : 5-9
  • Tenderloin : 9-12
  • Times Square: 10-13
  • Hell's Kitchen : 10-13
  • Clinton : 14-15
  • Flatiron District : 15-16
  • Gramercy : 16-18
  • Stuyvesant : 18-19
  • Kips Bay: 20-23
  • Murray Hill : 24-26
  • Turtle Bay : 27-28
  • Midtown East: 28-30

At the entrance to a district, a text will be displayed to indicate the difficulty of the places according to your level (maximum 30).

Dark Zone (JcE + JcJ)

The Dark Zone is much more of a survival zone than the rest of the map, and is separated into 6 different districts. The purpose of the Dark Zone is to extractbetter quality equipment from a hostile environment. You have to go to points d'extraction and survive until depositing its contaminated objects. If you get there, this gear is available in your stash at the base of operations and if you get killed then this gear can be picked up. We will come back to this in an appropriate guide.

Enemies are stronger and will require more patience and tactics to overcome it.

  • DZ01: 10-12
  • DZ02: 13-15
  • DZ03: 16-18
  • DZ04: 22-24
  • DZ05: 27-29
  • DZ06: 29-30

But in the Dark Zone, you are not the only player. Indeed, you will come across so-called "neutral" agents who can shoot you at any time as you can shoot them as well. On the other hand, shooting at another player (or even killing him) will make the shooter pass under the status of renegade : His life bar turns red in the eyes of everyone and he becomes hunted by neutral players, unable to exit the Dark Zone until the renegade countdown expires.

  • Since Manhattan is a non-fictional place, it is known to everyone, and the game does not no fog of war (you don't have to reveal the areas of the map).
  • The Division is also played on a vertical plane : you can climb on certain rooftops, enter buildings to explore them, or even find yourself in underground areas.
  • In the PvE zone, the difficulty increases with the size of your group (up to 4 players).
  • You will find contaminated areas (in red) in the PvE play area. They have a contamination level (1 to 4) that may prevent you from entering them until you are equipped with a proper mask (it is a piece of equipment).
  • In addition to the base of operations at Pennsylvania Plaza, you have drop-off points called Safe Houses in which you are protected from the outside and you can regulate your inventory in particular.
  • There is a mechanism of fast travel, preventing you from constantly wandering the streets of Manhattan to go from one end to the other. The Base of Operations and the Safe Houses, as well as the members of your group are valid elements for rapid movement.



Allies and enemies

The allies

You are of course not alone in Manhattan who want to restore a minimum of order. Even if you play as a State agent (within the Division), you may come across civilians sometimes even in need or who will have to be saved from enemies.

On the armed forces side, you will come across soldiers of the Join Task Force (JTF) who are dressed in military fatigues, they are spotted by green arrows on the mini-map.


You will come across enemies of different factions, of different types, and of different specializations.

  • Factions
  • Types of enemies
  • specializations
  • Breakers: armed with firearms and basic melee weapons, they pose the threat in the streets.
  • Cleaners: we change level because they are armed with flamethrowers, convinced of the need to purify the world. Try to shoot their bottle twice in the back!
  • Rikers : they are former inmates of Riker's Island prison, very dangerous.
  • Last Man Batallion : they are former soldiers of a private company. Former allies, they were abandoned on Manhattan and rebelled.

  • Basic enemies: they have a unique red life bar.
  • Veterans: they have a purple life bar, topped with a white armor bar that must be destroyed before attacking life.
  • Elites / Named Enemies: they have a yellow life bar, an armor bar, and a proper name. They are powerful and resilient.
  • Enemies too strong: a skull icon indicates that these enemies are too strong for your level.
  • Digger: they're coming to fight melee, so take it out first so you don't get bothered.
  • Chief : leads small groups of enemies, often in quests.
  • Assault: most common enemy, which shoots from a distance.
  • Controller: it uses a turret of defense which must be aimed first.
  • Heavy weapons: one does not laugh with this type of enemy which can inflict enormous damage with a heavy machine gun. They are static and should be bypassed.
  • Mech: to come up.
  • Scout: to come up.
  • Sniper : long-range shooter, often positioned in height. They can be spotted by the reflection in their glasses.
  • Support: he heals his allies. This is the target to shoot down first if it is present.
  • Tank: he uses his armor to take a lot of damage, but he's slow.
  • Launcher: As the name suggests, it annoys you by throwing grenades. If you synchronize your attack as he throws the grenade, he has a chance to drop it at his feet and suffer the consequences.
  • Special: this is the surprise because this type of enemy is powerful and uses its own set of skills. So be careful!





The fights

Coverage and placement

The Division uses a cover system for its combat system, which affects both real players and non-player characters (NPCs). It is more than recommended to use the covers (shelters) so as not to lose life too quickly or even die.

The tutorial teaches you to take cover therefore, by means of the Space key by default. With your gaze you can aim at another point of cover and by holding Space you can reach it. Keep the button pressed for the entire duration of the journey.

Another possible movement when you are in cover is to go along an angle. To do this, you have to aim almost at these feet when you are on the corner of an obstacle that has another side (eg: vehicles, crates) to make an arrow appear. By holding down the corresponding movement key (Q or D) to walk along the obstacle.

When you are in cover, while aiming (Right click by default), your character comes out slightly while aiming. If you are on the edge of an obstacle, you lean to the side but by using the arrow keys (Z, Q, S), your position also changes: you can therefore move from one edge to the other d 'an obstacle by staying in cover while aiming, which brings dynamics to combat.

  • By shooting while under cover, you can blind fire, which is handy for killing melee enemies that come at you.
  • You can strike melee (be careful with precision) by pressing the Tab key by default.
  • When aiming, press Shift / Shift to change shoulder, this will allow you not to expose yourself too much.
  • Being in cover lowers the level of threat you generate (the threat forces enemies to attack you).
  • Practice moving quickly under cover to avoid enemy grenades.

The shots

Depending on the type of enemy and your stats (coming from your equipment and skills), your shots will not display the same damage values.

  • White: this is a normal shot that directly matches your damage.
  • Blue: this is a normal shot but in the target's armor.
  • Red: headshots, which deal much more damage (killing an enemy this way gives bonus experience).
  • Orange: Critical hits, whether for a normal shot or a headshot.

If you have equipped a rifle scope on your weapon, then you have two levels of aim in play: the simple one (in play) by keeping pressed Right click, and you can then press on Click wheel to switch to sight of the telescope.

Finally, by shooting a cleaner bottle or grenade launcher bag, you will see a yellow cross appear if you hit. Multiply these shots and you will trigger explosions on your target.

Bullets and Grenades

As and when our adventures, we are brought to collect bullets and special grenades.


  • Incendiary bullets
  • Explosive bullets


  • EMP Grenade: Temporarily bypasses electronics.
  • Blinding Grenade
  • Frag Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Electric Grenade
  • Tear gas grenade

You will find these items in the inventory, in the consumables tab. There are selection shortcuts for these items ranging from Ctrl + & to Ctrl + - (grenades) or Alt + & to Alt + - (bullets + survival consumables).



And don't forget, your goal is not to finish quickly, but to finish alive and have fun playing!

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