The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset - New Chapter Preview

Summerset is the brand new chapter of Elder Scrolls Online, in which we will be able to explore a new area, "Summerset", the ancestral home of the High Elves.

The new zone

Summerset will send us to explore Summerset, ancestral land of the High Elves whose borders were closed to all foreigners. This is the first time in history that the latter will be open to "outsiders", by decree of the great and majestic Queen Ayrenn (glory to the Aldmeri estate!)

The area is overall larger than what previous areas have been able to offer and is approaching that of Morrowind. Le Couchant is a very beautiful area; we immediately see that we are among the High Elves, whether in the architecture of the cities, the ruins or the fauna and flora in general. We also find magnificent panoramas!

On the bestiary side, we are entitled to splendid creatures as well as ugly ones. Wolves, griffins, Devourers, members of cults, insects of all kinds, cursed animals, etc.

When it comes to the content of the area, there is something for everyone. We obviously find public dungeons, cities, outdoor bosses, dens, trials, abyssal geysers (which replace Molag Bal's anchors), the usual set of celestial shine and a whole bunch of scattered quests. everywhere, both serious and humorous! In addition, daily quests (scripted of course!) Are also present, offering great rewards with each achievement.

The new skill line

The other big addition of this new chapter is the appearance of the “Psijic Order” skill line. The latter offers, like any skill line, active, passive and ultimate skills. We might wonder what this new line could be used for, knowing that we already have a good number of them, and if it will be really useful in our builds. Well for me, yes, this new line will find its place!

The Psijic Order offers skills that will be useful for everyone. Whether you're playing Stamina, Magic, Healer, Tank, DD, or even Support, there will be one or more useful skills!

Most skills affect a lot of light and heavy attacks, which can greatly improve the damage of these attacks and / or add effects. You can, for example, imbue your weapons with magic, allowing you to do very high magic damage (in addition to your "base" damage) and even add negative status to enemies (burned, struck down, frozen, etc.). ). Another skill can even completely replace your light and heavy attacks with healing skills.

Next to it, you will have spells to control your enemies, such as freezing them in time, preventing them both from moving, but also from attacking! Or improve your character by applying buffs, like a big increase in movement speed, increased critical damage, etc.

With the ultimate spell, you will be able to control time squarely and go back several seconds, with the health, magic, stamina and stance you had at the time.

On the passive side, one of these will allow you to "see the invisible", which will give you unlimited liabilities over time allowing you to see the rifts in the spirit world. These act as a resource chest / harvester and can be found anywhere. When you harvest one, you will collect equipment, runes, and crafting components.

The new profession

The last big novelty is the addition of a new profession: jewelry. As the name suggests, we can make jewelry (necklace and ring). To do this, you will first need to refine raw materials. Once these materials are refined, you can move on to tailoring. The latter is similar to other equipment making trades. You choose the type (ring, collar), the material (which allows you to define the level) and then the line. And presto, you have your equipment!

Of course, the traits will not be known from the start, they will have to be researched, just like other professions of course. The dismantling of objects to recover resources and the possibility of improving the quality of these are also present!

This new trade will be very useful in order to be able to make “tailor-made” equipment for accessories. I couldn't verify if it is possible to make sets of 2 or 3 pieces of accessories, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible (or will be soon!)


Summerset is a really good chapter. The latter promises to offer dozens of hours of play (or even more!). On the content side in abundance, there are a whole bunch of quests, very interesting, thrilling and even surprising for some, challenges, trials, etc. Whether you are a solo player, a group player or a HL player, there is something for everyone. In addition, for trophy collectors, there are a lot of them (around 200 at first glance).

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