SWTOR - The Conqueror of Yn and Chabosh

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At the end of the Hyperspace War, the Republic bombed Korriban. The survivors of the Sith Empire abandoned the planet, fleeing into the Unknown Regions. And so was destroyed the necropolis where rest the tombs of the Dark Lords of the Sith, the successive rulers who preceded the Emperor, as well as some of their closest servants. The statues and other walls of hieroglyphics supposed to boast the glory of the dead were blown up or subjected to the erosion of the centuries. An incredible amount of knowledge was lost on this occasion. Even the simple names of some of them have sunk into oblivion. The first attempts at restoration waited a millennium before Darth Revan gave orders. Not for altruistic or cultural purposes, he was looking for rituals and mentions of ancient weapons that the ancient Dark Lords had hidden with them. When left on their own, his subordinates did not follow his example. When the Empire regained control of the planet, the sphere of Ancestral Knowledge (where the Sith Inquisitor evolves) should have automatically resumed this research. But the only results in this area were obtained by Lord Zash in the years leading up to obtaining his title of Dark. And again, it's very specialized because she focused on a single individual and her biography is still not complete. But she discovered enough of it to think it would serve as a springboard for her rise to power.

Representation of Tulak Hord ... eroded by time.

At a time when the most powerful lords of the Empire abandoned lightsabers for swords forged with the help of witchcraft, it was with the former that Tulak Hord forged a reputation as an elite fighter and master of arms. The best of his time proclaim certain songs to his glory. But being a great warrior was not enough to rise to the top of the hierarchy. He attacked a group of dashades, mighty warriors who love to slaughter Force users. He conquered and enslaved the strongest among them. He even made their champion Khem Val his personal servant and offered their number two Veshikk Urk to his apprentice Ortan Cela. At the head of this small elite group, he was able to find his way to the point of commanding an entire army. He was then able to embark on the campaign of repression of the rebels of Yn and Chabosh. By these victories, by this conquest, he carved out a name for himself among the greatest of his time. He also attracted the attention of a man named Aloysius Kallig, who offered his services. Tulak Hord refused, fearing a rival. The other did not accept this refusal and offered a challenge. If he beat the strongest of his generals, he would take his place. What he succeeds. And became a pillar in the rise of his new master.

Aloysius Kallig

Tulak Hord rose enough to become a potential candidate for the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, the title given to the ruler of the Empire at the time. But he was wary of his too brilliant strategist, whom he considered a rival. He ended up unleashing a Kaggath against him, which lasted 15 years. Kallig ends up assassinated on Dromund Kaas, and his conqueror forbids his name to be spoken again. The family of the vanquished had to go underground to escape the purges and would still be forgotten if ... But that is another story. Tulak Hord built his main base on this world discovered by his armies, on the grave of his former lieutenant. And it is from her that he climbed the last rungs to the rank of Dark Lord.

As Dark Lord of the Sith, Tulak Hord pursued an aggressive policy of conquest. He brought new worlds into the bosom of the Empire. He left to posterity an image of a great warrior. But he was also a powerful wizard, as evidenced by this essence transfer ritual that he developed. Similar to those used by Dark Andeddu or the Emperor. This did not prevent him from dying when his apprentices turned on him. He had built a large complex which was to serve as his tomb, a tradition even for the Dark Lords who did not intend to end a natural death. There he locked Khem Val in a stasis chamber, wishing he would retain his strength for later uses. This part of his tomb was not finished when his body was brought there, and was eventually used for one of his successors. If some of his things were in order, well hidden as he wished. But others were still on hold or in transit. There are rumors that Darth Marr has come to the Emperor's favor by discovering some of them on another planet in the Dromund system. And there is Darth Zash, the subject specialist. And if the latter falls, her apprentice inquisitor ...

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