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What would we do without our companions? exploring the galaxy would have a rather bitter taste if it was done alone. On SW: TOR you will never be alone without wanting to! Each class has 5 unique companions as well as a droid, I will now introduce you to the proud partners who will follow you as a Sith Warrior.



  • Race: Twi'lek (F)
  • Role in combat: Ranged DPS with two different "modes": Sniper mode which will increase his single target damage and Assault mode which will increase his multi target damage.
  • Place obtained: Korriban during your last class quest (level 9 approximately)
  • Equipment: Two blaster pistols as well as a medium armor Tip.
  • Status: Slave to the Sith Academy, you will be given her to help you on a class quest and then stay with you eventually.
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +5 Effectiveness in Illegal Trade / +5 Criticality in Treasure Hunting
  • Affection multiplier: * 1
  • Romance possible? Yes



  • Race: Droïde (M)
  • Combat Role: Healer
  • Place of obtaining: Dromund kass when obtaining your ship, he will be waiting for you on board and join the team. (level 16 approximately)
  • Equipment: Quite particular, parts of droids which my faith are rather rarely found as well as a blaster, as he says himself when you obtain it he does not like to fight but will do it if you really want it, I advise you personally to leave him aboard the ship and make him a slave @ crew skill.
  • Status: Droid graciously given upon acquisition of your ship, its continuous complaints and unbearable voice will surely make you wonder if it really is a gift.
  • Crew Skill Bonus: None
  • Affection multiplier: * 1
  • Romance possible? Not



Malavai Quinn

  • Race: Human (M)
  • Role in combat: Healer / Assist dps. A very good companion who will help you a lot during your leveling
  • Place obtained: Balmorra at the end of the planet (level 20 approximately)
  • Equipment: Blaster pistol + Vibrating knife as well as an intermediate armor Tip.
  • Status: Imperial army officer shelved on Balmorra because of disobedience to a Grand Moff. He will decide to follow you after helping you complete your mission on Balmorra
  • Crew Skill Bonus: +10 Weapon Crafting Efficiency / +10 Diplomacy Efficiency
  • Affection multiplier: * 1.37
  • Romance possible? Yes


Jaesa Willsaam

  • Race: Human (F)
  • Combat Role: Melee Dps
  • Place obtained: End of act 1 (approximately level 32)
  • Equipment: Double-bladed lightsaber as well as Willpower light armor.
  • Status: After you are done with her master, young Jaesa will decide to dedicate herself to the dark side by your side.
  • Crew skill bonus: +5 Efficiency in Archeology / +5 Criticality in Synthweaving
  • Affection multiplier: * 2.28
  • Romance possible? Yes (Dark version) / No (Light version)


Lieutenant Pierce

  • Race: Human
  • Combat Role: Ranged Tank
  • Place of obtaining: Taris at the end of the planet (level 36 approximately)
  • Equipment: Blaster rifle and heavy Sight armor.
  • Status: Lieutenant of the Imperial Army, he will be placed under your command after your success on Taris.
  • Crew skill bonus: +10 Cybernetic Efficiency / +2 Critical Investigation
  • Affection multiplier: * 2.73
  • Romance possible? Yes



  • Race: Talz (M)
  • Combat Role: Melee Tank
  • Place obtained: Hoth at the end of the planet (level 41 approximately)
  • Equipment: Whiskblade and heavy Stamina armor.
  • Status: In search of revenge following the mutiny of the Talz which he had helped to make stronger, he will decide to join you after helping him kill his ultimate enemy.
  • Crew skill bonus: +10 Recovery Efficiency / +2 Critical Criticality in Bioanalysis
  • Affection multiplier: * 3.73
  • Romance possible? Not

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