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Aegis dynamics was born from the merger of Earth-based Aegis macrocomputing and Davien-based Dynamic Production Systems. The old computer systems built during the space boom made it possible to include four machines in their fields of activity (including systems of special components on their original worlds). From day one, their goal was to design vessels for the military, and the resulting enterprise was well suited to military contracts at a time when mankind was gathering its forces. As Messer consolidated his power, Aegis was there to supply the ships to his armies. Ships like the Retaliator have become symbols of the government's iron fist.

With Messer's downfall, Aegis seemed doomed to disappear. Once a popular supplier to the tyrannical regime of Ivar Messer - closely associated with the horrors of those years - Aegis was practically tossed into oblivion. Then oddly enough: the civilian world gradually adopted Aegis' military designs for their own purposes. A testament to the ever-increasing dangerousness of the universe or the obvious reliability of Aegis' weapons, the business once fueled by contracts from a tyrannical government flourished thanks to the civilian markets it had once helped oppress.

The company mainly underwent a facelift after the fall of the Messer era; the AD logo with a lively style and sharp edges once evoking a scathing reality was reworked to be replaced by a softer and less distinctive pattern.
But the damage was done: contracts were canceled and the company laid off en masse following the choice by the army of new, less controversial companies such as Anvil Aerospace or MISC. An amusing event nevertheless occurred; civilians began to convert Aegis' rusty old war cuckoos for their own purposes. Retaliator bombers were no longer symbols of the stranglehold of power over the people but became personal transporters, mobile homes, mining machines and even fire ships. The burden of Aegis' past mistakes began to ease, and the company was once again able to focus on civilian variants of their current creations.



The Avenger began its career on the front line of transport vessels at the end of the XXVIII th century. The Avenger racked up an impressive number of victories in this period, but was eventually replaced by more maneuverable ships like the Hornet. With space combat relying more on maneuvering capabilities than pure weaponry, the Avenger was reformed from the army, and reassigned as a standard law enforcement and Advocacy vessel. Today the military still uses the Avenger as a training vessel; the two-seater variant is a vessel that leaves room for beginners' mistakes. The current civilian model is aimed more particularly at bounty hunters, the second seat being removed to allow direct access to the hold. Ammo magazines are also being replaced with standard load hooks and (perhaps most importantly) the exterior ladder boarding system has been replaced with an internal mechanism that makes it easier for pilots to manage access. to the vessel (or evacuation).



Once a symbol of Messer's iron fist, the Retaliator has changed along with the company to become a whole new ship. With more than two centuries of evolution from the original concept, modern Retaliators barely resemble the original models. Built first as a strategic land bomber, the Retaliator is capable of carrying large payloads of bombs to a planetary target or a range of torpedoes that can destroy all manner of capital ships. It is this very modularity that has allowed civilian pilots to adapt Retaliators to their own needs: bomb compartments that can serve as cabins, luggage racks or other more exotic options. Added to this is the large amount of surplus Retaliators stored in low humidity conditions across the galaxy, making them interesting ships for pilots who want to start with a larger ship and crew.

The "home-made" spirit that results from owning a Retaliator has caused the emergence of a culture specific to this increasingly flourishing vessel. Although they come from different backgrounds, the Retaliators pilots formed a kind of fraternity around their "Talis". Those who have called themselves “bomber boys” now organize Retaliators conventions and compete in ingenuity to find the most interesting way to modify their ship. BB gatherings can bring together several thousand ships at once, and provide an interesting sight for anyone in the middle.



Today the Surveyor remains Aegis' best-selling vessel under military contract. Surveyors are heavy recovery vessels designed to take on an important support role. The design isn't particularly good-looking, but it does have a variety of heavy-duty specialist tools designed to perform on a battlefield: long-range jump engines, drone launch pads, tractor beams, searchlights and more. … Civilian models of the Surveyors are popular at the border, where they are adapted as rescue, recovery and exploration vessels. A crew traveling deep in space in a Surveyor should be able to make it home no matter what the nature of their misadventures!



The Idris corvettes are among the most imposing vessels of Aegis today (in the past, space yards only produced battleships). The idris-M is a warship which serves alongside fleet ships in the UEE Navy. Fast, the Idris-M armored predators are used for all types of missions: from long-term patrol to the inspection of dangerous jump points through interception. A suitable Idris with an efficient crew can serve as a torpedo boat; in rare cases the idris can even use its speed and maneuverability to scuttle enemy cruisers.

Militias have also adopted idris, with its lighter variant named Idris-P. This removes the armed dorsal platforms of the ship that we find on the M model in exchange for a carrying capacity and a greater speed. Idris-P frequently carry multiple light fighters and are used in anti-fraud operations. It is not uncommon to find Idris-P carrying luxury goods. Even the more reckless pirate clans are known to target the Idris for this reason.

The Idris-P model is available in limited quantities in the civilian market, and it continues to enhance Aegis' reputation, becoming a semblance of a luxury item. Being captain of Idris is considered a prestigious position, and some citizens often struggle to be able to purchase the limited number of ships the company can produce. An Idris is not just a luxury ship: these equipped ships can carry cargo, explore distant worlds, or perform any other task while keeping a larger crew than with a Freelancer or Constellation.

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