The Escapists 2 - Escape on Switch, it's possible

The Escapists 2 is the sequel to the famous Team 17 simulation game, and the Switch is now entitled to its version.


This is the story of a guy ...

No, in fact there is no particular story, beyond the flashback pretext for the very well done tutorial, you choose your con, you choose your prison, and then you will choose between the life of a sheep enslaved by the system, or the leak with or without plume.

The first prison. Or not.


Me City, the basics

If you've played The Escapists first opus, you won't be disappointed. Exploring the prison for the tools and relationships to develop an escape plan is at the heart of the game system.

However, being in search of freedom does not exempt you from your duties as a prisoner.

Between the daily call not to be missed on pain of being tracked down by the prison staff, the refectory so as not to waste away from starvation, sport, work and ... the shower (plan an iron slip), you will have to juggle between being seen as a model prisoner, and hatching your escape plans.

Sleeping will also be useful, and above all compulsory.

The salt of the game will be finding the right elements for the right people, trapping your fellow inmates by having them caught to search their cell, beat them or even divert the attention of the staff to achieve your only goal: get out without being caught. on the fact.


Follow the plan

You will have one goal: to get out. You will have weapons: your neurons, and your fists.

Between your arrival and leaving prison, it's up to you to do everything possible to find the right way.

An escape disguised as a visitor? As a guardian? Through the sewers? On horseback? It's up to you, especially since the choice of pixel art for the graphics does not allow you to see the plan that you had planned to get a tattoo on your body.

A summary of your exploits

The confection part is very well done, and you will have the choice in the manufacture of makeshift weapons such as the sock filled with soap (and bim!) Or any useful object, from the file to the rope ladder through a false carrot.


Some objects will require a higher level of intelligence, how about going for a walk in the prison library to work your neurons?


In the same vein, why not increase your physical strength with a little gymnastics?


What's up, Doctor Sara?

This opus brings several new features, the main one being the personalization of the hero. You can shape your appearance to match your personality (hidden or not), and equip yourself with glasses, hats, beanies or other prison fashion accessory.

The great novelty is the possibility of playing with three other criminals, to carry out your plans, or not (each his own worries). Online or local play is allowed, for the moment free for the online mode, later you will need the big N subscription.


The versus mode will surely please you, an escape to be made in the emergency, with the facilitated exchanges, the non-existent routines and the unlocked cells, but you will only have one day to plan and execute your escape plan. .


En conclusion

The Switch version is very well worn, I mainly appreciated being able to play in TV-free mode to invent ever more bizarre ways of escaping from the 10 basic prisons (+ the bonus prisons).

The game is an escape sandbox, which offers several different paths to freedom. The difficulty of the game will require you to plan precisely, be patient and organized. The result will be as satisfying as the game can be frustrating at times, and you'll come back to it just for the sake of finding a new way to get away from it all.

You can find the game on the Nintendo Store, but it's also on Steam if you prefer the PC version (which we were telling you about here):

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