The Universim - Become a God (beta preview)

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The Universim is a game developed and published by Cryptivo, still in early access, based on a convincing graphics engine as well as a translation of the interface in spanish. It is a game of the God Game type, that is to say that you have total control over an identity (here a planet): the goal is to start from nothing and develop your civilization. Follow me on the adventure of The Universim!

It all starts at the menu level, simple and efficient which allows you to start a new game, load one and access the options. The game starts in English, so you have to go to the options to change this setting.

Then comes the start of the game with a small cutscene that shows the search for your planet. Of course, it must be able to shelter life to satisfy your thirst for creation and control. Your inhabitants are called the Nuggets and you will have to convince them to have faith in you. The tutorial part explains how to use your powers, which are divided into several categories, with possibilities to interact directly with the Nuggets. All of these powers cost “mana” which gradually recharges. Whether it's healing them with your powers or punishing them, your power is limitless. Well, of course, if you have any mana left. The planet must also be maintained: pollution or lack of water is an example of a parameter to be taken into account. Fortunately, there are solutions. To fight against pollution, it will be enough to plant trees (if you have room) and, for water, a power allows to fill the lakes and the seas.

You also have a construction menu for buildings divided into several parts, in order to ensure the comfort and happiness of your poor little inhabitants. You will also have to build intelligently so that your population does not lack anything and is happy: food, water, raw materials ... 

A research tree always unlocks more new technologies and new constructions. These searches take a defined time, more or less long depending on the technology, on a tree structure principle: you must unblock some in order to be able to unblock others and so on.



At the time of this writing, the game is still in beta, forcing a manipulation to revert to an old version and be able to relaunch my old games. So I was not able to explore the full potential of the latest novelties, except for the war part. But the game is still in development, which means it regularly hosts updates and new content. I will be happy to come back to you at that time because I think I will continue to play this game for a while! The Universim offers a pleasant experience, very relaxing after a hard day's work for example. In short, for me, it's all good! And if I made you want to discover this game, then it's perfect, it happens here:

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