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Since the announcement of Assassins Creed Black Flag for November 2013, Ubisoft has revealed a lot of information about this future naval adventure. Beginning of March took place as you may have read at the time here the official and unofficial announcement of the game and its release date. Today we know a little more about the story, the universe and the gameplay of this episode. Small review of details:


History always history

The series has always posed its heroes around central places and events in human history. The 1st game took place during the Third Crusade in 1191, the 2nd during the Renaissance, and the 3rd during the American Revolution. Assassin's Creed 4 will take place during the Golden Age of Piracy, and will put us in the shoes of a pirate trained to become a member of the Order of the Assassins.

While playing this pirate, named Edward Kenway, you will meet many pirates who really existed: the famous Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, Benjamin Hornigold, Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham and Charles Vane.

But a video is sometimes better than a long speech especially when it is well done:

Ubisoft has also uploaded an exciting tumblr showing the main dates of piracy on a timeline that you can find here and that I strongly advise you to watch.


The Black Flag Universe

As indicated in the first news of March, the story will unfold well in the Caribbean, a region already glimpsed through a few naval missions in AC 3.

We have since learned that 3 cities would welcome mainly Edward Kenway, these 3 big cities will be unique and will each have a particular flavor:

  • Havana as the Spanish Capital the region will be filled with official buildings and monuments with a strong European inspiration, its streets will be very narrow allowing very active use of rooftop travel. This city was inspired by the Venice of AC 2.
  • Kingston will offer a strong proximity between man and nature. Fauna and flora will be intertwined through the buildings and the streets. It will be a dense environment where the player will constantly change height in his free runs. There will also be a countryside with rolling hills and incredible views. It will be according to Ubisoft the most original city ever created in the Assassins Creed franchise.
  • Nassau, the pirate's paradise will be a chaotic city with sometimes wide, sometimes narrow streets. built on a slope. There is a huge variety in the height of the buildings there, much like Istanbul was in Assassins Creed Revelation.

The cities of Assassin Creed have always been the main attractions of the games, and Assassin Creed 4 will be no exception to this rule by surely offering us three magnificent cities, each with a particular atmosphere and different modes of movement and gameplay.


The first images of Gameplay

In addition to its 3 cities, Black Flag offers us fifty unique places to visit and an original gameplay allowing us to relive the life of a Pirate:

  • Search wrecks in the underwater depths
  • Assassinate Templars in booming coastal towns
  • Hunt rare animals in the wild jungles
  • Search for treasures in the forgotten ruins
  • Escape from continental troops by hiding in hidden coves

Ubisoft has also released 2 gameplay videos:

Other information has leaked indicating that the playable areas would be made up of 60% land and 40% seas, this promises great naval battles but above all a real interaction with this environment during certain missions but also in travel and research. of treasures.

Single player mode will push us to move to take the helm of the "Jackdaw" the ship of Captain Edward Kenway. This ship, as well as a small Caribbean island in our possession, can be personalized. At the start of the game, the hero will start the adventure with a miserable boat that he will improve as he progresses in a much more thorough way than in AC3. The island will be like the different areas of the previous episodes, an evolving place combining meetings with our allies, missions and trade.

Multi mode Does it not seem very original, taking up the urban concept well exploited since "Brotherhood" and therefore without naval battles.

To be continued...

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