Antisquad: early access

Antisquad is a turn-based strategy game developed by the InsGames studio. The universe of the game takes place in South America where a team of mercenaries fight the drug cartels.

After a brief tutorial explaining the basics of the game and the various associated mechanics, we can choose our team of mercenaries to go and face the awful bandidos. In this menu, we can also buy new companions who have other exclusive skills or improve our existing characters (attack, range, health, efficiency, ...).

First of all, the graphics of the game contain a cartoon side to Team Fortress 2 which is very pleasant. By adding the soundtrack to it, you get a very good mix. But now let's move on to the game itself!

Antisquad, as said before, is a turn-based strategy game similar to XCOM for the connoisseur. You control a squad of 3 characters with different skills and action points. Depending on the missions, the objectives are different, for example:

  • Kill all enemies
  • Destroy an objective

As you advance through the mission, it becomes inevitable to kill enemies. While dying the enemies drop objects, you have to remember to click on them to discover the objects. If it is not money, it will be necessary to think of recovering it before the enemy under penalty that this one does not increase its characteristics. If you play it in nag mode, without calculating too much enemy movements, you will quickly regret it.

There are also possible actions on the scenery to detonate different elements of the scenery or unlock doors to take enemies from behind or simply advance in the mission.

Let's move on to the gameplay of the game. By selecting one of your characters, you can do the following actions:

  • Move x squares.
  • Attack if you are in range.
  • Use your special skills.

In some situations, you have to know how to use your special actions to, for example, prevent the enemy from using a counterattack and at the same time prevent them from attacking for the next turn.

Special skills are unique to characters: some are useful for the party, others are used to move faster around the map. There is a rather interesting feature in the game to visualize the information of the enemies (point of view, special actions ...).

Finally after having successfully completed the various objectives of the game, we arrive at the final table. This gives us the following details:

  • Money collected by killing enemies
  • Money earned through difficulty level 

Finally, a final feature of the game is found in the missions that we collect from the crates, either as an object on the enemies, or as a reward at the end of the mission. These crates give different bonuses such as money or items that can be used in missions:

In conclusion, the game is really very nice to have a good time. It suffers from certain shortcomings such as for example a function activating the checkerboard on the whole map to be able to really calculate all the enemy movements. The difficulty is also there because, even in normal, if one is not careful, the enemy can destroy you very quickly.

It works on Windows XP and 7. I have a few small bugs on Windows 8 (like loading freezes), but don't forget that the game is still in early access since February 20th only. You will find Antisquad on Steam à 3.99 €.


In short, a good game to have if you like turn-based action!

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