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We already knew that there would be a total of nine multiplayer game modes in Star Wars Battlefront but we only knew five! Three new ones have just been unveiled by the official site:

  • Droid Race
  • Cargo
  • Hero Hunt



Droid Race

In this 6v6 game mode, the goal is to catch three fleeing Gonk Droids and control them at the end of the allotted time for each match: 10 minutes. Of course, if these droids are on the run ... they're not static, and therefore moving targets, which will need to be spotted first. The action will take place on the following five planets: Sullust, Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and Jakku. Bonuses will be available in this mode, but no heroes or vehicles. A sample map: wampa caves on Hoth with an open area consisting of a rebel camp with an X-Wing covered with a tarp.



Another game mode in 6 against 6. This mode is similar to a well-known classic: the capture of the flag! Here we should rather talk about cargo. However, small differences appear with the classic flag capture mode. First of all, it will not be necessary to have our team's cargo in our base to bring the opposing cargo back there. In addition, the scoring system is as follows: each side starts with 5 points, by recovering and bringing back to its base an opposing cargo, a team scores a point and withdraws one from the opposing team. The winners are those with the most points at the end of the 15 minutes of a game. Here defense will be just as important as attack, and the action will not be concentrated only in the center of the cards. Also, around the bases where the cargoes are located, there should be E-Web cannons installed for defense. Four maps should be available. An example: Tatooine, which will be located in dens. There the rebels have established a small base, inspired by the Echo base in Hoth, but more dusty, and with in the center of the map ... the Millennium Falcon on the throne.


Hero Hunt

The most original mode can be. In this 1 on 7 mode, one player plays a hero or a villain, while the other seven play soldiers from the opposing faction (depending on the planet the heroes / villains change). The aim of the soldiers: to kill the hero / villain. Whoever kills him then takes his place and reappears after a short cutscene. The goal of the hero / villain? Survive and eliminate the opponents of course! Bonuses will be available on the map to fight against the single player. The information stops there and the playing time or the scoring system has not been specified yet!


In addition, three as yet unknown unlockable items were mentioned:

  • Smoke grenades
  • Proximity mines (apparently different from the bonuses already seen in the beta)
  • Barrage ability (barrage?)



  • Droid Race
  • Cargo
  • Hero Hunt


And you, which of these game modes are you the most eager to try?

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