SWTOR - Dromund Kaas

On the isolated and forest world of Dromund Kaas, the Sith have been working for a thousand years to build a veritable war machine to take the galaxy by storm.

Once colonized by the Sith Empire, the distant planet of Dromund Kaas gradually saw its hyperspace coordinates fall into oblivion, thus becoming only a vague memory. Following the Empire's searing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the few surviving Sith desperately set out to escape the fate of their Jedi enemies. Relying on fate, they gave up the known routes of hyperspace and carried out several dangerous leaps into the unknown as well as blind reconnaissance missions. For twenty years, the Sith armada wandered aimlessly through the forgotten regions of space before one day rediscovering the Dromund System.

For a century, on Dromund Kaas, the Sith devoted themselves to restoring imperial glory. Deep in the jungle, they established the majestic capital of Kaas City as well as a citadel, a symbol of the Emperor's power. The Empire worked tirelessly to raise an army and a fleet and prepare for its great return to the known galaxy. Hungry for power, the Emperor strove to discover and master esoteric rites of the dark side, rituals that ultimately upset the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, turning the ionosphere into a permanent electrical storm.

Today, after more than a thousand years, the Empire has reinvested the galaxy and caused all-out war. The Sith have subdued many systems by force, but Dromund Kaas remains the seat of imperial power and the Dark Council. Although the planet is suffering from the effects of the dark side, the Imperial Army enjoys undisputed domination there. It is on Dromund Kaas that the Empire's power games are played and that countless alliances are born and perished. To succeed, and survive, aspiring moffs and Imperial Secret Service agents must master all the intricacies of these dark intrigues.

It is from Dromund Kaas that the black hand of the Empire stretches for ever more power.

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Sith Space

Empire Sith

Capital of the Empire

Kaas City swamps, jungle and metropolis

Rediscovered by the Sith Empire after its defeat in the Great Hyperspace War. Bastion of the Emperor and the Dark Council

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