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The Abandoned is a survival game developed by the independent studio Yadon studio at the initiative of the crowdfunding project Gaijin inCubator.

The part begins with the rather classic story of zombies who land in the "Zone", a region that has become plagued where, of course, our character finds himself trapped after a helicopter crash. We will therefore have to survive in this unwelcoming place where zombies and wolves roam. In addition, cursed buildings should be carefully avoided so as not to lose their constants at high speed.


We need to take care of our character following 4 gauges (displayed top left in the screenshots above):

  • health : Health drops when the character is attacked or when he has no more food. It goes up automatically or thanks to berries and medicines.
  • satiety (food): satiety goes down automatically, food is used to increase it.
  • moral : morale inevitably lowers in such a situation, so you have to reassure yourself by eating berries, cooked food or spending time next to a campfire.
  • endurance : endurance decreases when running, and rises automatically.

The most problematic at first is satiety and fire management (imperative to survive the night).

A basic campfire is easy to make but only lasts a few minutes, so it needs to be re-fueled continuously which is a waste of time and resources, not to mention the stress after dark when the fire is out and out. 'we no longer have enough resources to make kindling and fuel. The fireplace has the advantage of being reusable (it can be revived if the fire dies) even though it costs a lot more resources initially. I really advise you to save as it is definitely worth the cost in the long run.

Next, it is important to address the issue of food. The roots are the easiest to obtain, although unfortunately it takes a lot to hold. Collect them when you can, it is always useful, they can be found on the reeds that appear all over the area (and reappear regularly day after day). Apples, mushrooms or berries are a good addition, although they cannot be relied upon as it is difficult to know where they are. Cook foods when you can, they will gain more nutritional value and keep longer. The most profitable without hesitation is the rat meat. Every day, therefore, I advise you to take a tour of the locations identified on the map to see if you can kill one or two rats. Don't cook the meat just in this case, by combining it with a can you can make a stew that gives +60 food which is really a lot (not to mention that this stew holds 48 hours before it spoils). Rats also give fur, which is useful for creating a sleeping bag for sleeping and recovering more quickly. Secondly, you can make clothes to protect yourself and gain resistance. 

In order to store more objects, it is imperative to create a storage box. The inventory is too small and it would be a shame to leave things on the floor for lack of space. There is no limit on the number of chests, so feel free to create more after the 30 kilos of resources have been collected. As soon as the construction is unlocked, you will also be able to add the fridge and shelter. This provides additional comfort for survival!

Don't forget to create a arme a little more effective than your fists or your ax for trees. The baton works well, you will easily find nails near abandoned houses. There is metal aplenty in these places although you shouldn't stay long as they are haunted (and hurt).

Des quests are to be carried out day after day. The goal after all is to get out of this area! Of course, this requires building specific objects and exploring dangerous places, and therefore going back to the previous tips.

In addition to the game, which can be purchased for a little less than € 2, micro-transactions allow you to buy items to facilitate survival:

If you like challenges and aren't afraid of zombies, The Abandoned is definitely a good little survival game for mobile. Entirely translated into spanish, it offers a good diversity of objects to create, pleasant graphics and a large area to browse. More, three modes are available to please the greatest number: endless survival mode, adventure mode and story mode.

  • iOS - € 1,99
  • Android - € 1,76

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