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The Battlefront Beta begins in two days, October 8, and it's time to mentally prepare! The official site offers us some tips for the three modes that we can browse:

  • Attack of the Walkers
  • Drop zone
  • Survival


Attack of the Walkers

Offering 20v20 battles, the goal for the Rebels will be to eliminate a Walker. And for the Imperials, it will be necessary to prevent the Rebels from destroying it. Very simple on paper!

  • The map is large on Hoth, and it will be necessary to avoid the shots of TB-TT while remaining mobile. The thermal detonator could be of great use.
  • The air battle is good, but it will also be necessary to control the space on the ground.
  • Some weapons deal more damage to vehicles, such as ionic weapons.
  • For Rebels: Avoid damage from orbital strikes or Walker blasters by using outposts.
  • For the Imperials: securing the links is the key to placing your defenses effectively. The Squad Shield card could prove to be very useful.


Drop zone

Here, the goal is to secure capsules that "land" (rather crash) on the ground.

  • The battlefield is very open and very vertical. It is therefore easy to get ambushed by enemies placed higher up. Here too, the Squad Shield could prove decisive.
  • Be careful to keep the capsule in the field of vision, without staying too close to it. A well-thrown thermal grenade from an enemy, and you're gone!



In two-player or solo co-op, survive waves of AI-controlled enemies made up of troopers, TR-TTs and more.

  • 6 waves of enemies in the beta. As the waves progress, their equipment improves. Remember to save your strongest weapons for the advanced waves.
  • Capsules will crash after the second wave. By capturing them, bonuses will help you win. Be careful, because capturing a capsule takes some time. You can also recover extra lives or charge bonuses.
  • The radar will be your best friend to avoid getting surrounded.
  • Trophy items are hidden in Survival missions, some high up. Think of the jetpack to reach them!
  • At the start of each mission, you can choose your equipment. Choose the right one, think about the type of cards and enemies you are going to encounter.
  • Staying at the bottom of the Tatooine Canyon could prove dangerous if the enemies had the idea of ​​getting up high to shoot you.
  • There are two Star Map options, each with the jetpack:
    • Annihilator: Perfect against vehicles, with the Ion Torpedo and Personal Shield to protect you.
    • Raider: anti-vehicle with Ion Fire and Barrage card against regrouped infantry.
  • Beware of precipices, a fall has happened so quickly!


Which of these three modes do you think you play the most on? Me it will be Attack of Walkers for sure!



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