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In a new article on the official Star Wars Battlefront website, several game developers share some tips with us. We will list the main ones for you, if you want to see the full list, go to this article. They are listed in several categories.


Weapons and blasters

  • Delay blaster shots to better manage heat dissipation and fire dispersion
  • By successful one active cooling, the next will be more difficult, and conversely, by failing, the next will be less so.
  • Ion Fire deals more damage to vehicles but less to soldiers

Pilot a fighter

  • Escape maneuvers counter conventional and missile lockdowns
  • A and X-Wing, TIE Hunter and Interceptor, and Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon ships deal damage based on speed: faster = less damage

Star Card and Super Bonuses

  • Energy shields do not stop Grenades, Rockets, and Cycler Rifle fire
  • Pulse Cannon deals more damage if charged for a long time and can go as far as killing in one hit
  • Smart rocket can target and track a vehicle


  • Droids can attack the enemy but also detect them and reveal them to the whole team
  • The LR-TT has a weak spot in the back


Enough to be able to prepare for the clashes that can begin tomorrow!

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