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Several game modes have already been announced, and here is information on the last logically planned (nine modes in the game, we knew 8) are emerging, as well as a Training mode.


Battle of the Heroes

  • Short, dynamic sleeves
  • 6v6: three characters from the dark side, three from the light side
  • The rest of the players: rebel or imperial soldier
  • Hero or villain defeated: becomes a soldier
  • Objective: defeat the most enemy Heroes / Villains or keep as many allied Heroes / Villains as possible alive
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Battle and Battle of Heroes in Coop

  • More personal confrontation, in online or local co-op, or against AI
  • Possible to play in 1v1, or with teammates managed by the AI
  • Objective: collect tokens dropped by defeated enemies
  • Stronger enemies: higher value token
  • Winner: 100 tokens collected
  • Battle of heroes: similar system, but with additional heroes. Worth more points.
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  • Five training missions + a tutorial
  • X-Wing, Snowspeeder, TR-TT, Motojets and Darth Vader training
  • Co-op playable missions
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