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Yesterday, I was talking about an update this week for Star Wars Battlefront, well we won't have to wait long, this one is already available!


Here are the main changes:

  • All mode maps Walker Attacks et Supremacy are now available for Rotating plate.
  • New Endor outfit for Leia.
  • New Mission: There is now a Hoth Survival Mission on the map Ice caves.
  • New map: the map Twilight over Hoth has been added. We meet again on Hoth, but in a very dark atmosphere and with a strong blizzard. This card is available for the following modes:
    • Attack of the Walkers
    • Supremacy
    • Rotating plate
    • Skirmish
    • Fighter Squadron
    • Drop Zone
    • Heroic Confrontation

We are also entitled to a new selection screen.

Also, previews of what appears to be the next free update, which will take place in March, are available. So we should find the survival mode available on the map of Rebel deposit of Tatooine, and a new map on Endor, notably for the Attack of the Walkers : Survivors of Endor, with a stunning image of a TIE hunter crashed into a burning forest!

Finally, a first teaser image is available for the first expansion pack, this time paid for, of the season pass: Bordure Outer.

Have fun on these new maps!

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