Battlefront - Free and Paid Content Coming Soon!

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In a new official article, EA tells us about free content to come, both very soon and in the near future.


Free content

Tomorrow, we will have new content, namely:

  • has a new map on Tatooine named Raider Camp, on which the Skirmish, Droid Race, Drop Zone, Hero's Hunt and Heroic Showdown modes will be available
  • new clothes for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo playing them on Hoth
  • the possibility of creating private parties
  • engines of the daily challenges and community events, allowing the community to rally around certain objectives and allow them to earn credits more quickly
  • weapon balances and game modes

We should soon have new content, namely for february with a new survival mission on Hoth, a new multiplayer map on Hoth that can accommodate big game modes such as Walker Attack, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron and Turntable. The porting of the latter mode on all maps that can accommodate walkers and supremacy is also planned.

For march, we will be entitled to a new map on Endor on which we can play the Attack of the walkers, Supremacy and Turntable, as well as a new survival map on Tatooine.


Paid content

We're also entitled to the name, release date, and short description of upcoming DLCs:

  • Outer border - March 2016 - Take part in battles in the factories of Sullust and in the Palace of Jabba on Tatooine
  • Bespin - Summer 2016 - A big pack of novelties in the city of clouds of Bespin
  • Death Star - Fall 2016 - New in the Dark Star
  • Pack 4 still not named - Early 2017


What do you think of all this?

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