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While I have just finished my first part with Clamoune, it is still under the influence of the emotion that I write this article, after having spent an incredible moment to discover the history of Léo and Vincent in A Way Out from Studio Hazelight (the creators of Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons) under the EA Originals label, using codes provided through EA's Game Changers program.

  • #1 : Prologue
  • # 2: escape
  • # 3: Preparation
  • #4 : Vengeance
  • #5 : Conclusion

If you do not have friends interested in the adventure, unfortunately it will not be possible for you to discover it, because the title offers an experience to be lived entirely as a duo. There are two possibilities, either you share the same computer (and in this case one plays on the keyboard and the other on the controller), or you end up online.

In either case, the screen will be split, most of the time in width, but in a few rare cases (especially during action phases) in height.

One of the players plays Leo, 36, arrested for the theft of a famous diamond. He has been in prison for 6 months when a newcomer arrives in the next cell, Vincent, 43, a former banker accused of the murder of his brother, the second player. This choice has little influence on the gameplay, the two men having the same capacities, but influences their behaviors and the dialogues (which are anyway shared by the two players, therefore visible by both, regardless of the choice made). Leo is much more carried away, he uses the hard way and rushes without thinking, while Vincent prefers to go smoothly, without making waves.

The plot begins as Vincent arrives in the prison, with intermediate phases where the two men discuss in a plane, scene which will take place much later in the story as one suspects (there is no vest bulletproof, no plane in a prison!). Through these informal discussions, we understand from the first seconds that the two men have a lot in common and share a rare friendship, even though they are still in the presentations behind bars.

The graphics are pleasant, with a good realism which gives, in its framing, the impression of living a film. The characters are well done, with a great mix of faces and physique, we do not meet any similar NPC. We will sometimes notice a rigidity during the dialogues, but nothing very serious. The dialogues are in English, a very well dubbed by quite convincing actors, subtitled in spanish. The sound effects are effective and numerous, the places alive, decorated with meticulousness and inhabited by working people and objects lying around. Many interactions are possible, most of them useless, just a simple fun time observing the surroundings. We were really focused on our escape at this point in the workshop, as one toyed with a saw while the other drilled holes! And why not wash the dishes for the couple we are trying to steal?

On the same principle, mini-games dispatched everywhere offer totally offbeat and optional moments of relaxation. While the two guys can be hugged by the police at any time, they exchange a baseball, play horseshoes, throw darts or even face off in the Power 4. The occasion of a rivalry. good child ... who almost turned into a tragedy during the arm wrestling where none of us decided to let go!

Therefore, between the fun objects and these mini-games, the world is a vast playground just waiting to be explored as a duo. Because everything is played in two, from start to finish, the characters do not leave each other and continually need each other, whether it is to break down a door, retrieve an object, save their life, climb on a high ledge or fight ...

Each character has the same importance, none is there to support the other as too often in cooperation games. The game manages to always offer something for both protagonists to do, if only a waiting room to explore with cards to throw. Below, Leo is for example hidden in the sheet trolley that Vincent pushes, so he will leave it to a guard who will take him to a separate room from where Leo can open a door while taking advantage of the diversion created by Vincent. In addition, as the screen is shared, it is always possible to know where the other is located and therefore to act accordingly.

There are many opportunities to fail, a stray bullet, a brawl that degenerates, the police who land ... Failure is never punitive, the action rarely restarts well before the problem to offer the opportunity to retry without delay, a good thing that avoids arguing over repeated failures.

Occasionally, choices are offered between two ways of approaching a situation, either via Leo's strong method, or via Vincent's tempered method. The opportunity to offer replayability to the title, until the end with two alternatives.

And this ending ... I will not give you details so as not to spoil the surprise, but it is the main negative point that I find in this adventure. The story is very scripted, it's a fact, we are witnessing a narrative adventure, it doesn't bother in the heat of the moment as there is so much to do. Except that in the end, some decisions are made, with no alternatives offered. I understand that it is difficult to offer more during the game, it generates too complex narrative trees, but the end ... the end! If only they had planned at least a third alternative to the two existing ones ... I would not feel so frustrated by this situation which was imposed on us.

There are a few small fleeting bugs, like interactive elements that don't react immediately or a very tight cinematic / action transition that leaves little time to react. But the real second negative point comes from the somewhat limited lifespan, it took us about five hours to complete the game. We will probably do a second pass to test the alternatives, which we will probably complete in less time like we know the solutions, but the replayability is not huge compared to the listed price of € 29,99.

Apart from these two points, the adventures of Leo and Vincent will remain engraved in my memory for a long time, nostalgic memories of the adventures of these two brothers in arms ended too quickly. If you like to play with someone, then go for it without hesitation, you will have a great time sharing between players.

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  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One

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