Battlefront: Mode Zone de Largage

Mode information Drop Zone (or Drop Zone in English) and promises during the beta announcement have finally arrived! This game mode will be a kind of "king of the hill" and will require the two opposing teams to capture escape pods. Each team, made up of 8 players, will have to fight their way to the crashed capsule and take control of it by staying nearby long enough. To win ? Your team should have taken control of 5 capsules, or have captured more than the opponent by the end of the 10 minute timer.

This game mode is therefore a very fast mode (to match what the developers also want for the rest of the game) which combines action and reflection at the same time, no break possible, you have to move if you don't want to lose, especially if you are camping you expose yourself to orbital strikes or other explosions.

In this game mode, keeping an eye on the sky will be important in spotting capsule landings, some of which may land before the previous one has been captured. The choices of equipment (deploying a turret or a droid could be very interesting) or strategic will also be important: once a capsule captured, will you rush directly to the next? Or will you wait for the slow opening of the captured one to take advantage of the bonus inside?

Four planets will be playable in this game mode: Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust. Personally, I can't wait to see what it will be like in the Tatooine dunes (nostalgia for episode IV), but one of the developers prefers Endor where a section of the map contains a waterfall overlooked by an ewok village. . On Endor, the battle takes place in a swamp, around a wreckage of the GR-75 personnel carrier which has scattered containers all around it in the landscape. This ship, you know it is the one for the evacuations on Hoth in episode V.


Want to discover this mode? Don't forget that it will be available during the beta!

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