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Are you new to the game or are you lazy / not the time to farm the credits needed to buy all the blasters and all the star cards? Origin has thought of you and offers several packs, available for purchase for less than a week. Six packs are available, at € 4,99 each except the sixth which is at € 19,99 and which is a superpack comprising the other five. Each of the five packs contains one or two weapons, an attribute card, and three to four already upgraded Star (CE) cards (reduced cooldown), including one with charges.


We therefore have in order:

Upgrade Pack survival expert at € 4,99 and which contains:

  • Blaster DL-44
  • Canon blaster CA-87
  • Survival Expertise attribute
  • Pulse detector (CE with loads)
  • Backbone Reactor (CE)
  • Laser crossbow (CE)

Upgrade Pack bodyguard at € 4,99 and which contains:

  • T-21 Repeating Blaster
  • Bodyguard attribute
  • Ionic shot (CE at charges)
  • Ion Torpedo (CE)
  • Ion detonator (CE)
  • Self-guided shooting (CE)

Upgrade Pack scout at € 4,99 and which contains:

  • SE-14C blaster pistol
  • Scout attribute
  • Cryo-cell (CE to charges)
  • Cycler rifle (CE)
  • Blinding Grenade (CE)
  • Scout pistol

Upgrade Pack sniper at € 4,99 and which contains:

  • T-21B heavy blaster
  • Sniper attribute
  • Concentrated Shot (CE to charges)
  • Personal shield (CE to charges)
  • Pulse cannon (CE)
  • Smoke Grenade (CE)

Upgrade Pack bounty hunter at € 4,99 and which contains:

  • EE-3 blaster rifle
  • Bounty Hunter attribute
  • Explosive shot (CE to charges)
  • Dam (CE)
  • Impact Grenade (CE)
  • Thermal detonator (CE)

Upgrade Pack perfect at € 19,99 and which contains:

  • All items from the previous five packs
  • E-11 Blaster Rifle (for both factions)
  • A280 Blaster Rifle (for both factions)
  • DLT-19 heavy blaster
  • Pistolet blaster DH-17
  • RT-97C Heavy Blaster


Packs not very useful in my opinion, the in-game cost to unlock the weapons and cards in a set is not that difficult to achieve. We'll see if it works!

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