Battlefront - Preview: Fighter Squadron Mode

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Judit Llordes

Of the nine game modes in Star Wars Battlefront, there is only one that stands out for not being played, at all, on the ground. This is the mode Fighter Squadron that I suggest you discover here!


Principle and Purpose

In Fighter Squadron, you pilot one of the four ships available: two for the Rebel Alliance and two for the Empire. For the Alliance, you can choose between an X-Wing or an A-Wing while the Empire lets you choose between TIE Fighter or TIE Interceptor. This choice is made every time you die.

Once in command of your ship, and with your partners (9 other players and 10 AI), your goal will be to destroy enemy hunters who are also 10 players + 10 AI. Each downed enemy ship is worth one point for your team, the goal being to wait 200 points before the opposing team or to have the most points at the end of the timer which lasts 10 minutes.

Another possibility to get a lot of points at once is to destroy enemy shuttles that try to escape from time to time (usually the game is over before the second). You only have about thirty seconds to destroy the Lambda shuttle or the GR-75 transport which naturally has more life than a simple hunter. However, they can be destroyed relatively easily with only one or two hunters acting freely on them. This is why it is necessary to protect your shuttle when it runs away by destroying the enemies that approach it.


The cards

Four maps are currently available in this game mode, on three different planets: Hoth, Sullust and Tatooine (two maps). You will thus be entitled to different landscapes to fly low in order to recover the bonuses scattered on the map. Small overview of these cards.

  • Beta Outpost
  • Centroplexe Sorosuub
  • Jundland Desert
  • Campement Jawa


To pilot a ship, nothing could be simpler, the mouse controls the right / left and up / down direction, while the Z and S keys allow you to speed up or slow down. In addition to that, the 1/2/3 keys are used to trigger powers (this is not always the case for the 2 key) and the F1 / F2 / F3 keys are used to perform maneuvers to turn around.

On the arming side, you have to place the enemy in the center of your sight then once ready enough (the enemy will be surrounded by a thin white line) press with the right button of the mouse to lock the targeting computer, when c the white line turns red and you can shoot with the left mouse button or the space bar. It is necessary to lock an enemy in the same way for the sending of a possible missile. To destroy an enemy, you can also crash into them at worst ... but you will also die.

Finally, button C allows you to switch from the exterior view in the third person to the cockpit view in the first person or vice versa.

There are four ships available at the moment. Here are their features and appearance.

  • X-wing
  • A-Wing
  • TIE Hunter
  • Intercepteur TIE

A shield power and a missile power.

A shield power and a missile power. Slightly faster than the X-Wing.

A power of acceleration and a missile power.

A power of acceleration and a missile power. Slightly faster than the TIE fighter.

Super bonus

To help you in your task, you can count on bonuses of three types, scattered around the map near the ground. Activation is done automatically by going through the bonus with your ship. We find :

Vehicle repair : which has a symbol identical to the random super-bonuses available on the ground. Allows to heal part of the health. About 50%. It only restores 2-3% health when you're a hero.

Reuse time : Reduces the cooldowns of your powers.

Hero : Does not appear immediately on the map, it allows you to play as the Millennium Falcon in Alliance Rebelle or Slave One (Slave 1 in spanish) in Empire. The health of these ships is significantly higher than a normal hunter and their damage is higher as well. A little advice if the enemy recovers this bonus: concentrate the shots on it!

  • Millennium Falcon
  • Slave One

The famous smuggler Han Solo's ship. Has shield power, acceleration power, and missile power.

The ship of the no less famous bounty hunter Boba Fett, and his father before him. Has two missile powers and one targeting jamming power: makes the Slave One impossible to target with missiles for a few seconds. You can still shoot him but it will be without the aid of the targeting computer, so very hard.


Have a nice flight! ?

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