Battlefront - Preview: Walker Attack Mode

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If epic battles in large maps turn you on, the Attack of the walkers is for you!

Principle and purpose

This mode will test your strategic sense as there will be different objectives to accomplish at the same time. Imperial AT-ATs will appear at point A and they will automatically move to point B. The goal of the rebels will be to destroy them, and the Imperials to defend them. If the walkers reach their destination, the Empire will win.

The progression of AT-AT will involve 3 steps which will each end on the vulnerability of each of them for a little while, that's where all the firepower possible needs to be hurled at them. We can see the steps via a progress bar, these are the circles:

You will hardly be able to miss these phases of vulnerability: already the person who speaks in your headset will be on fire, but you will also see on your screen the circles indicating the remaining HP for each AT-AT, and finally, they will have an electric effect on their appearance. .

Otherwise, on the interface, you can see the AT-AT health bars to the right of the progress, and to the left you can see a Y-Wing icon. This is what will cause a good deal of damage to the walkers during their vulnerability: during each step in the progression, 2 connecting points will be activated or deactivated: the rebels must activate them, this will generate new Y-Wings over time (the circle around the link icon will fill up and once at the maximum, this will add one and start the process again) to attack AT-ATs at the end of the stage, and the Empire must disable them to prevent the rebels from doing too much damage.

The whole map will not be available directly: the Empire will be limited to the area of ​​the current stage and the previous ones if we are no longer at the first. If you go too far, you'll get a sign asking you to go back. This will prevent camping in the spawn area.

Finally, note that Hoth, Tatooine and Sullust each have 2 AT-ATs to destroy while Endor only has one, which is obviously more robust.



For the cards, they are the same as for the Supremacy mode, namely:

  • Endor : Endor Forest Moon
  • Hoth : Beta Outpost
  • Sullust : Centroplexe Sorosuub
  • Tatooine : Jundland Desert


Super bonus

Once again, the in-game bonuses are similar to those in Supremacy mode, so all possible bonuses in the game:

Arms : This is going to be enough to blow things up, so you will have a rocket launcher and the orbital strike.

Personal equipment : These are the bombs and shields such as the squad shield, the proximity bomb and the thermal grenade.

Tourelles : the name clearly indicates what it is, and you will have 2 automatic turrets: the anti-infantry and the anti-vehicle, and 1 manual.

vehicles : it mainly concerns the Empire, the rebels not having really vehicles, and that in particular to control a TR-TT.

Droids : Each player can deploy a Patrol Droid which, when deployed, will move on its own and shoot at any enemy they cross.

Cards : a refresh of the cooldown of your Star Maps.

Vessels : the battle will also take place in the air with the possibility for each faction to control different ships, in particular the TIE Fighters and Interceptors for the Empire and the X and A-Wing as well as the Snowspeeders, which will be able to wire the AT-ATs ( rather difficult process), for the rebels.

Hero : All Heroes are available, namely Luke, Han and Leïa for the rebels and Vader, Boba and Palpatine for the Empire.


Objects in part

In the middle of the game, other objects will be controllable without having to collect a bonus beforehand. This is the case of the big ones turrets and motojets. Turrets will usually be in Rebel camps that have no vehicles other than Motojets.


May the force be with you !

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