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This week, the development team looks back on one of the new features of Guild Wars 2: Guild Halls. This article will give a brief overview as well as the program of the week on this new feature.


The Six Pillars

Objectives have been assigned to the team responsible for designing guild halls, such as improving the visibility of guilds or the gaming experience of guild members. Over time, these objectives gave birth to 6 pillars:

  1. Strengthen your community : The halls will be used to develop the community of a guild and to encourage their members to strengthen their bonds.
  2. Create a sanctuary : it will serve as HQ for your guild and you can choose who is allowed to enter it
  3. Building a common history : the hall will grow at the same time as your guild, each evolution will be visible and will show to the others the evolution of your guild.
  4. Place guilds on the map : Each guild has a story in Tyria and that will continue in the expansion. Each of the guilds will have their own story to discover.
  5. Express your creativity : the halls will have free quarters so that each guild can give free rein to its imagination.
  6. Invent new ways to play together : the halls will not be simple places, they will be part of a living system. Many contents will be available in it interacting with the living world or the WvW.


Border ruins

The new guild halls were once secluded residences on the outskirts of the Maguuma jungle. To take possession of your hall, you and your guild will have to face several trials (discoveries of sites, hordes of mordrems, ...).

Upon exiting the expansion, two guild halls will be available:

  • Lost Precipice, a refuge in an isolated canyon. This consists of houses on the side of a cliff or even rope bridges.
  • Golden valley, a city of gold lost in the heart of the jungle. This hall is a monolithic cave that served as an outpost.


Point of Interest and dedicated article

This week, Josh Davis and Rubi Bayer will host Link Hugues, Jon Peters and Jessica Boettiger to talk about the implementation of guild halls. This new episode will take place at 21 p.m. on the official Twitch channel.

In addition, dedicated articles will be published on June 18 and 19 on several features of guild halls (we will be there to relay the information of course):

  • Thursday June 18
  • Friday June 19
  • Take back what is owed to you
  • Build your guild hall
  • Redesign of the guild system
  • Missions for all
  • From idea to implementation
  • Claiming Guild Objectives in WvW
  • Introducing PvP Guild Teams

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