SWTOR - Jedi Sentinel Surveillance PvE (2.0)

 The Sentinel Jedi is, in all his specializations, a melee dps (preferably behind the boss's back). If you know the Jedi Sentinel's energy principle, skip these few lines! Otherwise, well here's a little explanation. The Concentration first of all, it is the energy that enables a large part of your fighting techniques. You gain focus points by using mainly three techniques: Force Leap, Strike and Relentless Strike. And you spend those focus points using most of the other techniques. Each ability has a focus point cost, so you can't use them until you have enough focus.

There is a second important energy to know, it is the centering points. Those if are loaded using techniques that use concentration. These focus points are used, once you have reached the limit of 30 points, only for three techniques: Zen, Inspiration and Transcendence (in order of frequency of use in combat). Basically, you generate focus, to use techniques that will tap into your focus, do damage and generate focus points, to use another technique.

The surveillance specialization is really optimal for single target dps per DoT (damage over time, or damage over time). As a Sentinel, your Combat Form is Juyo. Its advantage, increasing the damage in an increasing way according to the number of charges of Form. Also, as long as you have to focus your strikes on a single enemy and stun them continuously, you won't lose your Juyo charges and your dps won't have any dips. So the Surveillance specialization is perfect for bosses without too many target changes, or pausing in your dps.

Your goal in PvE is to do as much damage as possible to kill your enemies as quickly as possible. Your priority is that. Take the blows, or heal yourself, you have to forget to concentrate on the dps. This is why you will find various parts in this guide to explain among other things the priority statistics, the talent tree and the cycle of use of your skills. However, there is a VITAL rule in high-level PvE: dead dps are unnecessary dps. Indeed, although you may be the biggest dps in a group, and hit faster and harder than the others, if you spend half the fight licking the flowerbed or picking flowers, you will end up being the most bad dps of the encounter. But don't panic, there will be a final part of this guide devoted to your survival in the event of a critical moment.

Important statistics

  • Vigor : Increases damage, melee and Force critical strike chance.
  • Engime : Increases melee and Force damage.
  • Precision : increases the chances of hitting. Basic normal attacks have a 90% chance to hit, special attacks have a 100% chance to hit. Bosses have 10% defense, so to reach a 100% chance to hit on normal attacks, you need to reach the 110% cap. Of course it is about the percentages on your primary weapon, the heading on the secondary weapon is much harder to reach (too expensive compared to the other statistics).
  • Critical Index : Increases the chance to get a critical hit.
  • Influx index : Increases damage dealt by critical hits.

These statistics follow the following order of priority (the values ​​in brackets are the milestones to be reached):

Stamina> = Accuracy (up to 110%)> Surge Index (75%)> Potency> Critical Rating (30%)

Arbre the talent

> Link to the talent tree

  • surveillance
  • Fighting
  • Concentration

Tier 1

Bravery 2/2 : this talent will make it possible to generate the centralization units more quickly, and therefore to activate Zen, Inspiration, Transcendence more quickly.

3/3 Concentrated Lunge : makes it possible to reduce the consumption of concentration points, and therefore to use more techniques that consume them.


Tier 2

Mastery of Juyo 3/3 : Allows you to increase your critical chance per charge of Forme Juyo, in this case, 3% chance per charge of Forme, it feels good.

Merciless Zeal 2/2 : the other choices to reach the next level are Reward and Inflammation. Let's analyze these two possible talents ...

  • Reward, reduces the active cooldown of Reprimand by 3 seconds each time you use Riposte. As Reprimand is a survival skill, it could be interesting, except that Riposte is only usable if you have parried or deflected an attack. Not being supposed to take hits, you shouldn't be able to use the Backlash, so no reduction in the Reprimand timeframe and therefore no good Reward ...
  • Then Inflammation, reduces the movement speed of your Cauterization victim by 50%. Except the bosses are rarely subjected to the slowdown of movement (even their small buff at the beginning of the meeting). So Inflammation is not profitable either.
  • On the other hand, Merciless Zeal gives you a little healing for each critical hit of your burn effects and that's good, the surveillance specialization is optimized for burn damage.


Tier 3

Lightning Saber 2/2 : Since the Watch Specialization is maximum damage per Burn DoTs, increasing your Critical Damage from Burning Effects by 30% is like having 30% surge on DoTs.

1/1 Saber Overload : another technique to apply even more burning effect.

Troubled Speed ​​2/2 : Force Jumping allows, among other things, mobility in combat, but also a generation of concentration points, so being able to use it more often, it is very interesting, especially that we do not forget what it is. would remain as a talent for leveling up, Inflammation and Reward ...


Tier 4

Concentrated jump 2/2 : in the previous level we mentioned the usefulness of the Force Leap, this talent further reinforces its usefulness by generating an additional point of concentration.

Watchtower 2/2 : this talent does not seem interesting at first glance. However, it does reduce the cooldown of Pacification by 15 seconds, which can sometimes be very useful for a tank's survival or even your own. In addition, it reduces the duration of the Force Kick by 2 seconds, which will allow you to interrupt the skill casting more often and therefore also increase the survival of the group. In addition, the usefulness of taking this talent will be shown at level 7.

Barrage 1/1 : Cauterization is one of the important techniques of the surveillance specialization. Also, increasing the damage it does can only be interesting. Remember that you play Sentinel Jedi, that you find out about the surveillance specialization (out of curiosity or by optimization) and that therefore, you want to do MAXIMUM damage, so a talent of the kind, you must of course not leave it aside. !

Close Combat 2/2 : another talent that improves your Force Leap! This time, this talent reduces the minimum range of Force Leap until completely canceled. In the end, you will be able to jump on the target even if you are already in contact, so you can use Force Leap to generate concentration.


Tier 5

Decline of Strength 2/2 : This talent will amplify the usefulness of Force Camouflage. We mainly use Force Camouflage to reduce our animosity and thus let the boss put peanuts in the tank. However, this technique can also be useful for your mobility in a fight. Indeed, the increase in duration, coupled with the increase in movement speed, will allow you to move away quickly, or to get closer quickly, depending (be careful, however, you are still in combat, so always at the mercy of the grim reaper!).

Mental incandescence 3/3 : Grants a percentage chance to negate the cooldown of Cautery when using Slash or Merciless Slash. To put it simply, you will use Cauterization more often, and therefore apply the dot more often, and do more damage.


Tier 6

Disabling injuries 2/2 : this talent is a survival talent for your group. Each time you burn your target, it deals 5% less damage for 3 seconds. Suffice to say, that for example, your tank will take less full face for 3 seconds. And since you regularly apply a burn effect, you will often impose a 5% reduction on the target.

Plasma slides 3/3 : This talent increases your burn effects by 6%, so a talent that improves your dps. In addition, it allows your burn effects to restore a point of focus with a 30% chance. So one in three times, a dowry tick will give you a point of focus.


Tier 7

Inexhaustible Zeal 1/1 : Charges Juyo Form up to 6 times, and Merciless Lunge up to 4 times (you will see the tier just after for Merciless Lunge). In synergy with the Mastery talent of the Juyo, you will increase your critical chance for burning effects by 18%, which is definitely not to be overlooked.

Burning Concentration 2/2 : another talent for generating a point of concentration. Effectively, if a direct damage ability critically hits a target that suffers a burn effect, you gain a point of focus.

As a reminder, we took the Vigie talent at level 4, it was used, among other things, to pass level 7 to reach the last level. Indeed, Zealous Return, which allows you to receive 2% of your maximum health if you are attacked during Saber Return, is not an interesting talent since in theory, your Saber Return will only be used very, very rarely. Additionally, the healing effect suffers from a 1.5 second cooldown, on a Saber Return that lasts 12 seconds, is it really profitable?


Tier 8

Merciless Lunge 1/1 : The ultimate fighting technique. This will almost be your # 1 priority. Big instant damage. The more it is used, the shorter its cooldown. In other words, it will be another trump card up your sleeve of Jedi bure!

Tier 1

Firmness 3/3 : Increases your melee and Strength accuracy by 3%. So precision heading easier to reach

Defensive Forms 2/2 : talent for survival. It allows to generate centering units in case of attacks and it improves the Forms of combat. In this case for the Juyo Form, it reduces internal and elemental damage by 4%. So you will take less damage and generate a bit of extra centering.


 Tier 2

mastery double handling 2/3 : This talent increases the damage of sword attacks from your second hand. It's an interesting talent for increasing your dps. We don't give him three points to be able to put the last three points in another talent (see right after) but it can be questionable depending on your equipment probably.

Tier 1

Insight 3/3 : Increases Force critical strike chance by 6%. It's a more than interesting talent for dps especially since Force damage is all the damage you see yellow on your screen. The other variant would be to put only two points in this talent, to put three in the Mastery of double handling seen just before.

Cycle dps

You should know that this is not really a cycle, but rather an order of priority in the techniques to be used according to the combat and your state (in point of concentration, unit of centering, etc.).

En mono target, we see this priority:

  • Zen (consumes 30 centering units)
  • Merciless Lunge (consumes 4 focus points)
  • Saber Overload (consumes 3 focus points)
  • Force Jump (generates 4 focus points)
  • elimination (consumes 3 focus points)
  • Cauterization (consumes 2 focus points)
  • Frappe expert (channeling over 3 seconds)
  • Twin saber throwing (if no area damage ban)
  • Slot (consumes 3 focus points)
  • Relentless strike (generates 6 focus points)
  • Hit (generates 2 focus points)


Do not forget ! Using the Relentless Strike or Strike is only useful if you have less than 7 focus points and you need to maintain the Zen buff, Merciless Slash, and Saber Overload debuff for as long as possible (if possible all the fight that would be ideal).


En multi target, you will have to get your fingers out, the surveillance specialization is not at all made for that, but here it is:

  • Relentless strike (generates 6 focus points)
  • Force Sweep (consumes 3 focus points)
  • Twin saber throwing
  • Cyclone slot (consumes 3 focus points)
  • Hit

However, the Twin Saber Throw is effective in line, so if the enemies are not well grouped, try to line them in front of you to make your throw profitable.


For a little bit of burst dps :

  • Valorous call : this directly generates 30 centering units, and therefore allows the direct use of Zen or Inspiration (or Transcendence).
  • Inspiration : This increases damage and healing by 15% for the whole party. Usually, your Raid Lead will ask for it. If it doesn't, and you can use it to maximize your dps without worrying about the rest of the group, ideally you should do a little flow: inspiration -> Valorous Appeal -> Zen


Saber return : Increasing your melee and ranged defense by 50% and reducing Force and Tech damage by 25% for 12 seconds. 3 min cooldown.

Reprimand : Decreases all damage taken by 20% and deals damage to attackers. Lasts 6 seconds, but resets duration on attack, for a maximum of 30 seconds of active Reprimand. 1 min cooldown. One of the most interesting survival techniques.

Force Camouflage : We have previously seen his interest in the mobility of the sentry jedi. But its first use is to reduce animosity towards all enemies. To be used therefore in case of aggro recovery. 45 second cooldown.

May the Force keep us : to be used with great care. Indeed, this technique decreases by 99% the damage suffered, but consumes 50% of the current life. In general, this technique should be used when you have already lost a lot of life. To minimize the cost in life precisely and not to put in difficulty the healers who already have a lot to do.

Resolution : it will only serve you to free you from any incapacitating effect. And therefore to be able to flee dangerous areas for example.

Transcendence : duplication, but the big advantage is that it works for the whole group. First use, it increases the movement speed of the whole group, so interesting if the whole group has to flee from an area or other. In addition, it will increase melee and ranged defense by 10% for the whole group, so it makes a little survival cd for the group, which is not negligible. The only drawback. It takes 30 Centering Unit to activate but doesn't suffer from a noticeable cooldown for being disturbing.


Hope to have lit your lantern on the Jedi Sentinel! Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

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