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Reddit is a veritable mine of information and with E3 over, it's starting to rain down with information on Battlefield 4, screenshots and videos to support it. I find it difficult to sort it out because there are so many?

What particularly struck me today is a screenshot of the customization screen that comes from the pre-alpha version. Be careful, it should be taken with a grain of salt because this is not a final version, and therefore likely to change many times.

What is there to see that is beautiful? So in bulk ...


"muzzle brake"

So what is it ? The muzzle brake is a device located at the end or "muzzle" of the barrel of a firearm. Its role is to promote the diffusion of propellant gases to reduce the effects of recoil and the raising of the weapon in the event of rapid fire. So much for the theoretical and technical part. And if we follow the description in the screenshot, it reduces weapon recoil and scatter.

So will this be offered as an addition to or as a replacement for Battelfield 3's heavy gun? As a reminder, the latter improves the accuracy of shots when you look through the viewfinder, but decreases the accuracy when you shoot guesswork. This combination increases range and allows for a longer trajectory, but it does not affect damage dealt.

It would be interesting to have both because it would give players a real choice. But hey for the moment no trace of the heavy gun, it does not appear on any of the screenshots that I have seen on the net.


Angled handle

In addition to the handguard, there will be an inclined handle and you will have to choose between the two:

  • The handguard reduces the horizontal drift of the barrel when firing, allowing better control during prolonged bursts. However, it does not affect secondary bearing and decreases accuracy at long range.
  • The tilted handle makes the "initial recoil easier to handle".

As a reminder, all weapons have a "first shot multiplier" ("first shot multiplier" for close friends) this multiplies with the vertical recoil coefficient of the weapon. Basically this means the first hit has more recoil (the only exception is the AS VAL which has a multiplier less than 1 so has less recoil with the first hit). This multiplier goes from 0,5 (AS-VAL) to 3 (F2000, AEK-971, A-91), it will therefore be possible to play on this statistic with this accessory.



Battlefield 3 has only one type of grenade (explosive). These are two new types of grenades that are emerging here. A flash grenade to blind enemies and an incendiary grenade that causes a cloud of fire with an area of ​​effect.


Laser pointer

A new laser pointer in addition to the red which is currently present on BF3. It is a green laser pointer and this one produces the same effect (blindness) except that the beam is invisible. Finally a "real" laser!


Scout kit

The scout inherits from the C4 which was on the BF3 support kit. We would have preferred the claymore to cover his back during the sniping phase, it would have been more logical ... To see later but I find it curious.


Weapon camouflage

Only present on a few weapons and in a few color variations in BF3, they have completely changed the situation in BF4. It is not less than 10 colors which are available on this weapon present in the screen. Well ok, this is not the most expected feature but it's still good to take.


Well here I think we have done the tour!

Edit: Thanks to Saress2 for the fix on the tilted grip

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