BFH : Patch-notes 1.02

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Lluís Enric Mayans

Today is patch day for Battlefield Hardline, with several fixes and welcome weapon balancing.



  • Battlepack bronze - changes made will increase the chance of unlocking rare content and items instead of boosters
  • Silver Battlepack - the changes made make the first 3 slots like a bronze battlepack, with the limitation of being able to get standard items but with more chance of being able to get rare items for the last slot.
  • Gold Battlepack - The changes made make the 4 slots as a silver pack with the limitation of being able to obtain standard items but with but with more chance of being able to obtain very rare and distinguished items.
  • Battlepack shortcuts have been added
  • Unlocking a Gold Battlepack for Prima Guide holders


Weapons to pick up

  • Adjusted the RPG to only have one rocket when picked up from the trunk of a vehicle with less area damage.


Resolving crashes

  • Resolved a crash related to some NVidia graphics cards
  • Fixed a crash relating to several graphics drivers.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash based on BugSentry (internal tool for detecting and reporting live crashes on servers)



  • In some cases, bullet holes near the player no longer cause the camera to vibrate
  • Addressed an issue on the "Holywood Heights" map that allowed players to take money in "Dirty Money" mode through a wall.
  • Optimized the game engine to improve graphics performance when Punkbuster is running.


Game modes

  • Fixed an issue where the Hotwire game mode would appear as available on the "Holywood Heights" map
  • Adjusted spawns in the Team Death Match game mode to make players appear closer to allies and further away from enemies.
  • Adjusted tickets to 600 in small conquest and 999 in large conquest
  • Addition of the large conquest mode to the "Hydroponic House" map
  • Fixed an issue where some game modes did not have the correct amount of tickets



  • Addressed issue with server customization settings for some game modes
  • Added the ability to delete or store a card list via the management console
  • Expanded character limit for multiplayer map lists



  • Added weapon carrying permits for all items obtained via DLC shortcuts.


User interface

  • Fixed an issue where players could bypass the timer at the start of a round in Rescue or Dirty Money
  • Addressed an issue with the Chinese language EULA that featured an alternate game title.



  • Reduction of the resistance of the sofa and reduction of its repair area
  • Adjusted both sides (criminal and police) of the passenger car so that now the same amount of gunshot damage is taken.


Balancing weapons

  • K10: damage reduction at the start of shooting to 33 and at the end of shooting to 8
  • Saiga, PTR 91, HCAR, and HK51: reduction of vertical recoil
  • RO993 - increased rate of fire to 850
  • Jury 410 - increased bullet damage to 20
  • FMG9 - increased damage to 25
  • Battle Rifle ammo - Increased minimum damage to 25
  • AKM - minimum bullet damage lowered to 24

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