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A viscous mass that flows peaceful days aboard your ship, you quietly roam space. But suddenly there is panic, your trusty ship is attacked. A well placed rocket destroys the engine, causing serious damage. Losing control of the craft, you find yourself making an emergency landing on an unknown and inhospitable planet. Still reeling from the accident, you realize that your brother who accompanied you is no longer there. Listening only to your courage, you decide to go to his rescue.

So here you are, poor Blob without arms or legs, to assault a merciless world. It's up to you to thwart the many traps that the planet offers and to save your brother. Then begins a two-dimensional platform game that will give you a hard time. But rest assured, you know how to defend yourself.

Indeed, as a good self-respecting viscous mass, you benefit from certain powers. You will have the opportunity to metamorphose and take on the appearance of your enemies. To do so, you will need to have a visual of the villain in question and press enter. And There you go ! You are transformed. This allows you to monopolize the power of your enemies but also to access certain corners where you will find gems, objects and teleporters. A real highlight of the game, this little gameplay trick will offer you many possibilities

As a good platform game that respects itself, Blob from Space offers, at the base, relatively simple objectives. You will have, through each level, to find various objects such as hats or diamonds, and then activate the teleporter which will take you to the next level. But the Blob from Space adventure does not end there. Indeed, if you want to progress in the game, you will have to go through the levels from top to bottom in order to unearth secret passages and teleporters. Because it is they, and only them, who will allow you to move forward, or even to obtain parts in order to be able to repair your saucer. There is therefore a very nice exploration aspect to add, but beware, the levels will not be easy. Dark rooms where you can only see your character on the ground that slips under your feet, each level will require you to have real nerves of steel to overcome it. In addition, you should not forget to collect as many gems as possible, otherwise all the exits will not be activated.

We therefore find ourselves here with a demanding platform game, even very demanding, but also very pleasant to play. Even if the game appears at first glance a little stingy in terms of levels, know that it is not. The title has more to offer than it seems. Indeed, certain levels will be accessible not via teleporters but thanks to secret passages. You will therefore have to search the levels from top to bottom.

But be careful not to die because you only have three lives. Once all used, it's game over guaranteed. Fortunately, the developers have implemented a system of cheat codes that will allow you to not have to start all over again.

In addition, know that your cute little green mass will not be easily controlled. Indeed, the title has a fairly specific gameplay that will give you, on the first playing times, a lot of trouble. Our hero is slippery and you will have to anticipate your movements if you do not want to find yourself the first gelatin on an enemy. Finally, know that our blob, although without legs, jumps very high, which can be useful but also quite annoying when you try to avoid certain traps. So be careful.

Beyond the initial content of the game, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at very nice mini bonus games as well as certain themed levels. Although relatively short, these bonuses are still interesting and will allow you to take your mind off things. The first mini game, which is called Diamond Rush, will invite you to go fishing for diamonds transformed into a flying bug. The objective will be simple: collect as many as possible in order to explode the score. The second game, this time titled Retro Blob, will offer you small puzzle levels where you will have to take your blob, here represented by a square, to the exit.

In the end, we end up with a nice but difficult platform game. You will have to prepare to die again and again if you want to escape this unhealthy planet and rescue your brother. Patience and solitary perseverance will be the weapons of your success because in space, no one will hear your Blob scream!


The game is available on Steam:

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