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As in the previous games, Dark Souls 3 has many oaths to discover throughout the game, each with a specific goal, objective and rewards.

Unlike previous Dark Souls, once you have discovered an oath, you will not need to return to the location to change it. Indeed, once an oath is unlocked, you will be given a seal that you will need to equip in the equipment menu.

You can change your oath at any time and whenever you want. However, to collect the rewards, you will still need to return to the altar / NPC / Monster that invited you there.

There are several types of oaths each with an in-game orientation.

Beginner's Oath

  • The Blue Lane

This oath is the only one of this category. It will also be the first that can be unlocked. In addition, it is the one and only oath that offers no reward.

The oath

The Oath of the Blue Path allows, when a Dark Spirit invades your world, to automatically call a player belonging to the Oath of the Blue Sentinels to come and help you.

Location of the oath

To unlock this oath, you will need to go to Great Wall of Lothric. Once towards the end of the area (at the stairs leading to Vordt of the Boreal Valley, the boss of the area) climb the stairs to reach church and chat with Emma, ​​High Priestess of Lothric Castle who sits at the back.

The latter will first give you the Small Banner of Lothric. Once you have it, keep talking to her until she gives you the Oath of the Blue Way.

Cooperative oaths

  • The Blue Sentinels
  • The Solar Knights
  • Blades of the Dark Moon

The Blue Sentinels is a cooperative oath mainly used to come to the aid of players being invaded, such as those belonging to the Oath of the Blue Lane.

The oath

When you are part of the Sentinels, you will be summoned to the players being invaded in order to help them. If you manage to defend the host and defeat the invader, you will get a "Proof of agreement respected".

Location of the oath

To join this oath, you must go to the Route of Sacrifices. Once in the area, go to second fire (the one just before arriving at the marsh) where you will meet the charming and warm Anri d'Astora and his very talkative (or not) sidekick Horace. Talk to him so that he invites you to take the oath with the Blue Sentinels.

The rewards

To get the rewards, you will need "Proof of agreement respected" and hand them over to the Captain Yorshka, which is located near the fire in theAno Londo. Be careful, the latter will be hostile towards you if you have also joined the oath of the Phalanxes of Rosaria and you will be unable to provide proof of a respected agreement.

  • Rang 1 - 10 proofs of respected agreement: Ring of the Black Moon
  • Rang 2 - 30 proofs of agreement respected: Miracle "Blade of the Black Moon"

The Solar Knights is one of the recurring oaths in the Dark Souls series. Present since the first opus, the latter allows you, at first, to have your gold-colored summoning mark and your character will also be "golden" when you are summoned.

The oath

When you are summoned by a player and you get to the end of the area or a boss, you will get a "Solar Medal". In addition, the player who summoned you (or yourself if you summon a Solar Knight) will also gain a Solar Medal upon victory, even if the latter does not belong to the oath in question.

Additionally, if you wish to invade other players as part of the Solar Knights Oath, you will override the world of a player already struggling with an invader and appear orange instead of red.

Location of the oath

To get the latter, you will need to go to the Undead Camp. From the second fire, meet in the house located at the bottom left of the square, the one with many crates and cages with corpses.

As soon as you walked through the door, destroy the crates located on your right to reveal a hole in the ground. Jump to find yourself in a closed room and collect the badge located on the torture table (just to the left of the door).

The rewards

To obtain the rewards of this oath, you will need "Solar Medals" which you obtain by helping other players defeat a boss or reach the end of an area.

This oath, while acquired quite early in the game, will require you to be patient in obtaining the rewards. Indeed, the altar dedicated to the Solar Knights is located at Lothric Castle, between the fire "The Dancer of the Boreal Valley" and the boss "The Dragon Slayer Armor".

  • Rang 1 - 10 solar medals: Miracle "Sacred Vow"
  • Rang 2 - 30 solar medals: Miracle "Great Lance of Lightning"

The Blades of the Dark Moon are an oath similar to that of the Blue Sentinels.

The oath

As said before, this oath is similar to that of the Blue Sentinels. When a player is invaded, you will have the opportunity to join him in order to lend him a hand. If you protect the host and emerge victorious from the battle, you will get a "Proof of agreement respected", the same reward as that obtained via the Blue Sentinels.

Location of the oath

To join this oath, you will need to go to Anor Londo at the fire located at the bottom of the stairs just after the elevator.

As with the Oath of the Sentinels, you cannot join that of the Blades of the Dark Moon if you have joined the oath of the Phalanges of Rosaria. It will also be impossible for you to give him proof of a respected agreement and therefore, to obtain the rewards.

However, you can retrieve the ring by killing Captain Yorshka.

The rewards

As with the Blue Sentinels, to obtain the rewards, you will need "Proof of agreement respected" and hand them over to the Captain Yorshka, which is located near the traffic lights in the Ano Londo area. The rewards are also the same as those obtained with the Blue Sentinels.

  • Rang 1 - 10 proofs of respected agreement: Ring of the Black Moon
  • Rang 2 - 30 proofs of agreement respected: Miracle "Blade of the Black Moon"

Player versus player oaths

  • Farron's Watchers
  • Aldrich's Faithful
  • Thanatophiles
  • The Phalanges of Rosaria

This oath allows you to be regularly automatically summoned to kill other players.

The oath

This oath has only one principle: to kill players. When you belong to this oath, you will be regularly invoked in the world of any player who walks in the area "The Bastion of Farron" in order to kill him. If you manage to kill your target, you will get a «Tellames du Sang de loup».

Location of the oath

To obtain this oath, you must go to Farron Bastion marsh. Once in the latter, go to the level of the big tower et climb the ladder. Once at the top, you will have a fire and just behind, a giant wolf.

Talk to the latter in order to take the oath and start your hunt.

The rewards

To get the rewards, you will simply have to return to the giant wolf to give him Wolf Blood Blades.

  • Rang 1 - 10 Blades of the Blood of the Wolf: Curved Sword of the Old Wolf.
  • Rang 2 - 30 Blood of the Wolf Vertblades:
    • Great Wolf Knight Shield
    • Wolf Ring

The Aldrich Faithful Oath is based on the same principle as that of Farron's Watchers.

The oath

As with Farron's Watchers, this oath will summon you as soon as a player ventures into a specific area in order to eliminate them. For the Faithful of Aldrich, it is the Anor Londo area that must be defended. If you manage to kill the player, you will get "Human remains".

Location of the oath

To obtain this oath, you must go to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Join the fire of "Grand-Master Sulyvahn" and go to the Grand Place (the one filled with giants). Once in the latter, enter the building located at the very end of the area.

Once inside, go far left of the room and strike to destroy the illusory wall. Once done, go down the ladder and take an oath to theArchdeacon Mcdonnell.

The rewards

To get the rewards, you just need to go see theArchdeacon Mcdonnell in possession of "Human remains".

  • Rang 1 - 10 Human Remains: Witchcraft: Large Deep Soul
  • Rang 2 - 30 Human remains: Great Staff of the Archdeacon

The Oath of Thanatophiles is the oath of scoundrels par excellence.

The oath

This oath consists, like the other oaths in this category, of killing players. However, the latter is quite peculiar, because there are two ways to achieve your ends:

  • Using a Red Eye Orb.
  • By using the Summoning Mark.

If you use the invocation mark, this last one as well as your spirit, will be Violet colour. By being invoked in this way, you will be considered as an "ally" and therefore you will also be attacked by enemies. In addition, you will be impossible to cross the fog leading to a boss. If the host crosses one, you will be immediately returned to your world.

If you use a Red Eye Orb, the monsters will not attack you and you will be brought directly close to the host (and any ghosts who have come to help him).

If you manage to kill the host, you will get "Vertebrae-Carcan". If you are not a member of this oath, but you kill a player who is, you will also get “Straitjacket Vertebrae”.

Oath location

This oath also has two means of obtaining. In addition, you should also know that it is impossible to join this oath if you have taken an oath to Phalanges of Rosaria.

Method 1 - only available before killing the "Cursed Giant Tree" boss.

To use this method, you will need to go to the “Undead Camp” area. When you are at the first traffic light, go to the place of the flaming tree and cross the bridge. Once on the other side, go up to the roofs via the ladder and head to the right of the roof and jump down.

A monster (not hostile - Do not attack him especially! He does not reappear if he is killed!) with a cage on its back will patrol the path. You will have to approach in the back. Once you are close enough to the cage, you can then speak with the person locked in it.

You will find yourself in the Puit the Carcasse in company Hodrick the paladin. Talk to him to take the oath.

Method 2 - available after killing "Cursed Giant Tree".

For this method, you must first have killed three Lords of Ash. When it's done, go to "Undead Camp" and head to the entrance to the boss area "Cursed Giant Tree" and go through the door at the top of the stairs. You will see on the ground a invocation mark belonging to Sirris.

Use her to be teleported to Sirris' world and help her eliminate his enemy. If you manage to kill him (and Sirris survives), the latter will offer you to pledge allegiance to the oath.

The rewards

To get the rewards, you need to go to "Carcass Well" and pray in front of the skull altar located far back in possession of "Vertebrae-Carcan"

  • Rang 1 - 10 vertebrae-Carcan: Katana "Thirst for blood"
  • Rang 2 - 30 vertebrae-Straitjacket: Pyromancy "Heat"

The oath of the Phalanges of Rosaria has several uses in addition to the oath itself. Additionally, joining this oath and equipping the badge with it will automatically return you hostile to Sirris and Yorshka.

The oath

This oath is a bit special compared to the others. Indeed, even if the latter asks to kill other players, it also allows your character to reborn a total of five times per game.

By pledging allegiance to Rosaria, you will have the opportunity to reallocate your statistics points and / or change the appearance of your character a total of five times per game. The counter is reset at each NG +. However, be careful, reassignment and modification of appearance use a common meter.

To do so, you will also need to provide a "Pale Tongue", which you get by killing a player using a Red Eye Orb.

Location of the oath

This oath is, personally, quite painful to achieve the first time, because you will have to go through very small ledges, defended by many enemies with attacks having large ranges and difficult to avoid without taking the risk of falling (the rolls will be your worst enemy here).

To reach Rosaria, you have to go to the Cathedral of the Deep. Join the fire "Chapel of the Purification" and take the left door. At the end of the chapel.

Once the latter has passed, take the elevator. At the top, kill the enemy and walk along the exterior cornice to borrow there the scale. Once at the top, kill the enemy and jump on the roof below. Go upstairs and enter the church. You end up on the arches Overhanging the church, two knights are there (including one who will duck you from a distance).

At the level of the second knight slightly to the right, is a platform below, jump on it, then take the stairs and follow the only path until you find yourself in front of a huge door behind a gate (broken). Open the latter and you find yourself in Rosaria's room with, fortunately, a fire as a bonus!

The rewards

To get the rewards, you just have to go and see Rosaria and give it Pale Languages. Be careful though, if you want to reassign your stats or change your character's appearance, you will also need Pale Tongues.

  • Rang 1 - 10 Pale Languages: Ring of Darkness
  • Rang 2 - 30 Pale Tongues: Human Larva Staff

There you have it, the list of all the oaths available in Dark Souls 3! Whether you are a PvE or PvP player, prefer to play alone or in co-op, there is something for everyone!

And you, what is the oath that you use most often and that you prefer?

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