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Many players loved the two themes of the fight against Shiva. In this regard, the composer wrote us a little article on the official blog of Final Fantasy XIV by giving us the spanish lyrics of this song. He also explains to us that the difference between the two themes reflects the two facets of Shiva ! I'll let you discover all of this below.

Shiva in the AhkAfah Amphitheater

Shiva lyrics


I look death in the face, breathing deeply, nothing is left
I close my eyes one last time for a farewell

Lying there, naked, snow is falling all around me
I'm drifting, ready to sink, but She won't get me

I wake up sweating, full of regret, trying to forget
But these memories, lost in a dream, lurk in the shadows


A path I didn't choose, a broken past, a buried rage
The pain won't go away, I won't find rest or deliverance

Fragile creatures, we must fear the Reaper
We spend our time escaping her grip, dead before we even meet her

These voices begging me to leave it all behind (leave it all behind)
I try, over and over, but I can't refuse (try to refuse)
This endless nightmare is just beginning (no escape)
My heart draws me to oblivion


The eternal lies that I locked in ice
My hardened soul, my blood freezes in my veins, everything is under control

Fearless creatures, we learn to fight the Grim Reaper
She can't be beaten so I must be one with her

These voices are begging me to leave it all behind (never give up)
This time I'm against it (knowing how to say no)
It's decided, I let my fear vanish (where have you been?)
I open my eyes and throw myself into oblivion

For the last time (it's not a goodbye)
For the last time (it's not a goodbye)
For the last time (it's not a goodbye)
For the last time For the last time

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