Dark Souls III - Reset your skill points

If you've made a mistake while leveling up or want to change your style, there is a way to reset your skill points in Dark Souls III. This is difficult unfortunately, it requires you to take an oath at the Phalanxes of Rosaria which will prevent you from getting the rewards from certain other oaths (see our Oath guide for more information) plus you are limited to 5 respecializations per game and you will need to give him a "Pale Tongue" each time. (the counter resets with each New Game +) Rosaria, also allows you to change your appearance.


How to change your skills and change your appearance

So you will need to find an NPC named Rosaria, the Renaissance Mother. Speaking to him will give you the opportunity to join his oath, the Phalanges of Rosaria. Once done, and the alliance item received, it will offer you the option to change your skill points or your appearance. Note that you do not need to level up in this oath: you just have to ask it.

You can only do this 5 times per game session and you will have to pay with Pale Tongues for each operation. The first requires 5.



Where to find Rosaria

It can be found in the Cathedral of the Deep, near the Campfire of the Chapel of Purification. If you've visited her before, she will have her own campfire.

Go to the left of the chapel and go up the elevator. Exit and walk on the ledge to reach the ladder. Climb and jump through the hole in the wall, onto the narrow roof. Use it to get to the big building, then turn right. Then turn left as soon as you have the chance and enter the castle. Go to the other side of the arches and jump onto the terrace. Jump again to find the ground. Turn left and look for a door in the right corner. Go up the stairs, turn left and look for a large closed door. Rosaria will be right behind!


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